When people hear the word Tinder, the first thing they think of is a casual fling and nothing substantial.  Let’s get rid of this stereotype and focus on what Tinder was truly made for: to help adults find meaningful relationships in their romantic life. Here are a few ways to weed out your mismatches and focus on people who are better matches for you.   

1. Swipe Left Right Away

This one might seem shallow but if you are not initially attracted to someone when you see them the likelihood that you will suddenly change your mind is slim to none. You will not be completely open to them and may feel like you are settling.  Even though everything is not about looks, physical attraction is a key component to make every relationship work.

2. Have a Hook in Your Bio

When it comes to online dating unfortunately it is almost like you are selling a product, you need to pull in your audience, give them a reason to stop and notice you.  Put something in your bio that is an attention-grabber, something that sets you apart from the crowd and makes you, you.

3. Post Genuine Photos

This generation is all about the selfies but let’s step outside of that and post some pictures with character. Of course you’re going to need a portrait type photo of yourself but how about adding a shot of you in action doing your favorite hobby or a clip of you at your favorite place.  If you like to travel a photo of one of your adventures.  If you are family oriented, throw in a picture with your parents/siblings or even with your child/children if you are a single-parent.  These photos will show people what you enjoy doing with your free time.  If your photos catch their attention more than likely you two value or prioritize similar things, or you’ve shown them something they’ve always wanted to do. Building relationships is all about taking part in new experiences together and creating memories from them.

4. Be Completely Honest About Yourself

If you are not true to yourself, how will you ever find someone who is truly compatible with you? If the relationship starts on a lie you’ve already tainted it and you will never feel like yourself around them. There are other people out there searching for love just like you, so be straightforward about who you are and you are more likely to build a genuine, honest relationship.


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5. Frequently Like Things on Facebook

Thanks to technology these days all applications on your phone are linked to one another so here’s what you do…. Like things you are interested in on Facebook. I know this does not sound like it would help your dating life but IT WILL. If you do this other people on tinder will be able to see what your likes are, if you can both see this information you will know you both have a least one or two things in common if not more.  That way when you do try to start a conversation with them you’ll have something to go off that you know will intrigue them.

6. Have a Conversation First

Before jumping to meeting up with your match in person take the time to have a conversation first.  Although you make like their photo, their bio, their listed interests you want to make sure you two can communicate with one another and carry on a wholesome conversation. Make sure you are engaged in the conversation. This could help cut the awkward feeling of the first date because you’ve already built up some type of rapport with each other.

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7. Love Yourself

Before you can open yourself up to anyone else make sure you love yourself and you are already happy on your own.  Relationships are meant to take you to the that next level. Your significant other is that cherry on top just make everything in your life just that much better.

Tinder might get a bad rap sometimes but if used correctly incredible relationship can be built because of it. Remember why you are there on Tinder and project what you’d like to receive back.

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