Meal prepping isn’t just for bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and athletes. It is a great habit to get into to gain control of the way you eat and how you feel. Most of us have extremely busy lives where we need to juggle work, relationships, children, and staying healthy. One of the biggest factors to a healthy mind and body is the food you fuel yourself with throughout the day. When you are stressed and low on time you may forget to feed yourself, or you go to the easiest and most convenient place to grab a bite, which is typically not very healthy. Her are four of the powerful reasons you should start meal prepping today:

1. You save money

Your first run to the grocery store to meal prep may seem expensive but you are buying everything in bulk, and you may want to add in some microwavable tupperware containers, as well as a food scale. You’ll begin to realize that you stop going out for food as much and that’s when your savings really start to show! When you’re really hungry and you’re not at home you will either have your next meal and/or snack on hand or you’ll remember all the food at home you have to eat!

2. Help yourself solve your “problem” meal

We have all had one of those days where we’re exhausted, stressed, and very hungry. The last thing we want to do is grocery shop and prepare a healthy meal, typically this is dinner for most. We tell ourselves “I deserve it, I’ve had a long day.” When you have your prepared meals at home or on hand you will begin eliminating these cravings and help force yourself to make better food choices. You will get all the nutrients you need, feel full, and not feel guilty the next morning for giving into your cravings.

3. Meal prepping helps you start making better choices overall

You will start to notice a lot of positive changes in your life once you start prepping your meals with intention instead of answering to your cravings. You begin drinking more water, having more motivation to workout, waking up a little earlier, and you feel more optimistic. Consistently meal prepping and eating these meals throughout the week reminds yourself that you are capable of making and sticking to positive changes in your life.

4. Save time

Ever here the saying “Eat to live, don’t live to eat,” well when you plan ahead and have your healthy meals ready to fuel your body throughout the day you start to think less about your favorite unhealthy meals. You won’t be going to the grocery store three to four times a week to prepare meals last minute, running out of work to grab a bite of lunch, or having to stop mid workout because you don’t have enough energy to finish the whole thing. You are always ready to fuel your body so you have enough energy to get through your day while saving time and energy thinking about what you need to eat and where you have to get it.