If you are currently pregnant or have had a child in the past you will understand that it is the most beautiful and frustrating process you will probably ever experience. The miracle of life is amazing but it will put your body through a lot, which can be very emotionally and physically difficult. You will become more tired, cranky, nauseas, and overall just not feel like yourself for nine months. One thing you can change to make your pregnancy more enjoyable is to start moving more! You and your baby will reap the benefits of exercise, and here is a list of reasons why you should start now!

1. Gain less weight

Research has shown that women who exercise put on seven pounds less than pregnant women who don’t workout. Seven pounds makes a huge difference, starting now will prevent you this extra weight after your baby is born!

2. Happier

Moms that are active during pregnancy report better moods than their sedentary peers. Right after a workout and in general throughout their pregnancies they have more energy and feel less on edge when it comes to mood swings.

3. Labor and delivery may be easier

This isn’t guaranteed but strengthening your core and having a fit cardiovascular system can give you more oomph and stamina for the pushing stage. A study has shown that women who took prenatal water aerobics class regularly were 58% less likely to ask for pain medication during labor in comparison to non-exercisers.


4. Lower gestational diabetes risk as much as 27 percent

High blood sugar while pregnant puts you at risk for developing all types of diabetes in the decade after delivery. It also raises the risk for a preterm delivery as well as an overweight baby. Due to genetics and age women that are fit can also develop diabetes, exercise can help prevent or delay your need for insulin or other medications.

5. Less likely to experience back pain

About two-thirds of pregnant women experience back pain, which makes sense considering they’re caring a heavy front load! Exercise such as water workouts and yoga can help relive this pain, especially during the second half of your pregnancy.

6. Less likely to get constipated

Pregnant women’s intestinal tracts tend to get backed up due to their high progesterone levels and growing uterus. A high-fiber diet as well as exercise helps keep your digestive system moving!

7. Avoid a C-Section, forceps delivery, or other interventions

Women who exercise during pregnancy are seventy five percent less likely to need a forceps delivery, fifty five percent less likely to have an episiotomy, and four times less likely to have a Cesarean section!

8. Bounce back faster after delivery

In comparison with new moms that were inactive during pregnancy, those who exercised are more likely to socialize and enjoy hobbies post-baby. The demands of new motherhood tend to seem easier for those moms that were consistently active throughout their pregnancy.

9. You look and feel better

Exercise will increase your blood flow to your skin and in return enhance your pregnancy glow. You will feel calmer and look fitter which shows!