The goal of designing the most realistic meatless burger is being aggressively pursued in 2016, and one company may have already stolen the show. The Beyond Burger, created by Beyond Meat, on it’s debut release at Whole Foods sold out in under an hour!

So what makes this meatless burger so special?

beyond-burgerWell for starters this ‘burger’ can be found right beside the ground beef and other meats instead of in the freezer section amongst the other veggie burgers we’ve grown to know and love tolerate.

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More importantly there’s a secret ingredient in the Beyond Burger that’s beginning to turn some heads… blood. Ethan Brown the founder of Beyond Meat is convinced that one of the key components in creating a meatless burger is making sure it bleeds like a real burger. They achieve this by adding delicious beet juice to the recipe so ex-carnivores can really savor the meat-eating experience with an entirely plant-based protein source.

Brown isn’t the only one convinced that a meatless Burger has promise, Google offered to buy a similar company outright for around $200 million. Bill Gates one of the earlier investors in the company was sold when he tried their plant based chicken meat and was amazed at how close to the real thing it really was.

At $5.99 for a package of two gluten-free patties, Brown hopes to capture a large audience and maybe even convert some meat-eaters to the plant side.

Why is it so important to have better meatless burgers on the market?

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Well it’s not as simple as appeasing a few vegetarians who miss the taste of a juicy burger. An epidemic of heart disease and obesity as well as an impending environmental crisis demand that we make some changes to the food industry. Supporting the ever-growing world population on an animal protein based diet just isn’t feasible. When a single cow takes up more resources than several of the humans it is grown to feed one has to question our logic.

Thanks to CEO’s like Ethan Brown, Isha Datar and many others working tirelessly to both create new and exciting products as well trying to solve the world’s problems we can sleep a little easier.

Right now you can find the Beyond Burger in Whole Foods Colorado and soon nation-wide!

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