By the end of January, many people find that their New Years resolutions— particularly when it comes to their exercise routines—are starting to drift out of their reach.  There are countless explanations for this, but one thing that might help you stay on your workout game is to make sure you’re not doing the same thing day in and day out.  That can become monotonous and yep, boring!.

Think about it this way, many people want to get into shape, so they set a goal to go to the gym three times a week.  They get there and end up doing the same thing every time and leave with some level of satisfaction and rightfully so; they just worked their butts off.  It works for a lot of people but personally, I get tired of the repetition.

If you’re like me, try and incorporate different types of workouts into your week. Not only will it keep your mind excited, but it’ll allow you to exercise various parts of your body and you will begin noticing yourself gain strength in places you did not have before.

I just shot my first campaign for conquer performance wear (enjoy the video below) and in so doing I realized one of my favorite ‘out of the ordinary,’ workouts is stair climbing. I can always find a challenging set of outdoor stairs.  It allows me to get out of the gym and enjoy the fresh air.

There are so many challenging workouts you can do on the stairs. For some, walking is a good start, then once you have mastered that, move to a slow jog, and if that becomes easy, try sprinting (I still don’t find that easy by the way!).

For a little variation try jump squats up the stairs as well as leg kickbacks.  These are great exercises for toning the glutes. Start these exercises in sets of 3, 5, or 10. Work you way up, it will give you a goal to achieve for the week or the month as the case may be. You can add more sets to the equation, as your body gets stronger and more in shape.