Dr. Stephen Greenberg at Men's Fitness annual Game Changer celebration
Dr. Stephen Greenberg with wife, Gail Greenberg at the Men’s Fitness annual Game Changers celebration

As long as there have been humans roaming the earth, there have also been many iterations of what constitutes a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise. Some people complain that they watch what they eat and go to the gym or take hikes regularly and never seem to reach their goals. This can be extremely frustrating.

In some cases liposuction, commonly referred to as ‘lipo,’ can be the answer to removing those last few pounds that don’t seem to budge.

With every procedure however, comes those commonly heard rumors, like; ‘the fat comes back, so there’s no point,’ or ‘I’ll be out of commission for a week and I just can’t afford that.’ We talked to cosmetic surgeon (and husband to star of Bravo’s Secrets and Wives, Gail Greenberg), Dr. Stephen Greenberg at the Men’s Fitness annual Game Changers event in West Hollywood and he set the record straight on the rumors he had heard the most.

5 things about the simple fat suction technique you may not have known:

  1. Though most people think the cells removed in a lipo procedure come back, Dr. Greenberg tells us “The fat does not come back.” It’s that Simple. According to Dr. Greenberg, patients should not worry about going through the liposuction process and having the same problem areas all over again because they just won’t.
  2. Recovery time is another topic for which there are many opinions. Dr.Greenberg tells connectwithlife. “The recovery process is 24 hours and you’re back to normal activities the next day.” If you are someone who does not want people to know you are undergoing liposuction, the recovery time is a huge plus in your favor. According to Dr. Greenberg, it’s so fast that nobody will know unless you decide to tell them.
  3. Laser lipo is less painful. It’s not just something doctors say, to encourage patients to do it.  Dr.Greenberg tells us “I use a lot of laser liposuction, it has changed so much, it’s quick and easy. With laser there are minimal incisions, there is no pain, and minimal bruising, and really rapid recovery, it has changed a lot over the past few years.”
  4. What about that rumor about how if you have the fat removed from your arms you might see it re-appear in another part of your body? “No you don’t all of a sudden get fat arms, or a fat neck, the fat never comes back.” The fat does not transfer to other parts of the patient’s body when undergoing liposuction, phew!
  5. It’s really common. You will be among the majority, if you decide to do lipo. “It is the second most common procedure today behind breast augmentation. There are probably around 300,000 done every year. I do about 20 a week in my office,” says Dr. Greenberg.