Stress is often associated with success as it means we are busy with work and closer to achieving our goals. Unfortunately stress is actually one of the biggest barriers to our success as it blocks us from happiness and our overall well-being. For those that like the feeling of stress it is typically tied to an addiction such as success addiction or work addiction. We must start focusing on letting go of this stress because it is not healthy and puts our health at risk. Once you focus on being at a calmer place in your life, and realize that you cannot control the outcome of everything you will begin feeling healthier and enjoy life a little more. Here are seven tips to help you let go of stress and live a calmer life.

1. Clean Up

If you are in your office all day or your house all day for work, make sure it is clean! Clutter adds stress to your life; it reminds you of unfinished projects and tasks you have yet to get to. Having a clean work and living space can help lessen your anxiety and improve your mental clarity.

2. Stretch

Stress will create knots in your neck, and back which is an immediate way to form a headache. Start stretching every night before bed, this can allow you to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Start focusing on your posture while you work, as this will help you avoid knots in your neck and back.

3. Make time for your friends

friendsWhen stress begins to take over our lives we often neglect making time for the ones we care about. Schedule time with your friends each month, so you hold yourself accountable for these dates. You will release happiness hormones, keeping your stress hormones (cortisol) in check. Nothing is better than catching up with your friends, laughing, and creating memories.

4. Use Mood Lighting

Ever feel like the white bright lights are giving you a headache or just make you feel uneasy – that’s because they are! Try buying light bulbs with warmer tones similar to a sunset. The natural light helps calm you down and relax.

5. Meditate

Although you may feel like you have no time to yourself during the day, you must make it! Incorporate five minutes a day to meditate and return to feeling one with your body. Look up meditation apps on your phone to get you started and instantly feel how much more calm and focused you feel throughout the day.

6. Live in the Moment

Anxiety is often connected to the future – What will happen? What if? Start focusing on the now, and remember that you cannot control the outcome of every situation. This will bring down your stress levels, and let you enjoy the present.

7. Give People a Break

Sometimes our family members, or co-workers become our biggest stressors in life. We are almost ‘stuck’ with them as we see them everyday or talk to them everyday. Realize that these individuals are their own person, and you cannot change who they are, what they say, or how they will act. Stop letting people stress you out, and let go of all their annoying habits because you cannot change them, and never will. Start focusing on treating them the way you want to be treated and hope that it will have a positive affect on their lives. Stop focusing on what you can’t change and start focusing on yourself and the positive energy you can exude onto other people.