Lots of women strive to achieve an hourglass figure, with an emphasis on a bigger and stronger booty. Having a strong, toned physique is becoming more desirable than the skinny, lengthy look. Building a bigger butt is possible no matter your shape or size; the combination of booty workouts and a good diet will help you attain the perfect booty you have been longing for. Here are six perfect booty exercises to begin your journey on getting that hot booty!

1. Heel Raises

Heel raises is a great way to get a rounder butt, you can also add resistant bands or ankle weights to help with muscle growth in your glutes and hamstrings. To begin this exercise, start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Then drive your heel on one foot straight up towards the ceiling while maintaining a 90-degree angle at the knee. Once you have reached the top of the movement, take a couple seconds to flex your glute muscles as you exhale. Inhale when you slowly bring your knee back down. Repeat this on each leg for one to two minutes.

2. Single Leg Bridges

Single leg bridges are a great way to develop your booty while maintaining slim toned legs. To begin this exercise lay on your back with your arms at your side, keep one foot flat on the ground and one leg straight up in the air.

Begin exhaling as you place your weight into the heel of your foot on the ground and drive your glutes up while your body stays straight from your shoulders to your knees. Once you reach the top of the movement flex your glutes and inhale as you return to your initial position. Repeat this for 25 repetitions on each leg, and pulse at the top for ten seconds at the end of each set.

3. Jump Squats

Exercises-for-a-Better-Booty-2Jump squats are great for building a muscular butt while burning fat. To begin, lower yourself into a squat making sure your knees don’t pass your toes. Then jump straight up into the air and land in the same position you started in. When in the air make sure you flex your butt muscles all the way down to pointing your toes, and use your arms to propel you higher into the air. Repeat this movement for 40 seconds.

4. Side Lying Leg Kicks

Begin by lying on your left side, supporting on your elbow, legs long and slightly in front of your body. Raise your right leg to hip height, then exhale to kick your right leg forward and pulse, then inhale and lengthen leg back to initial position. Repeat this on both legs for twenty repetitions.

5. Glute Bridges with Medicine Ball

Begin by laying flat on your back and place both your heels on top of the medicine ball. Push your heels down on the medicine ball and raise your hips into a bridge position. Then lower your hips back down to your starting position. Repeat this thirty times while engaging your core and keeping a straight back.

6. Single Leg Ballet Kicks

This exercise is a great way to create long, lean hamstrings, and build a perky butt. Start by standing up straight with good posture, keeping your chest up and your shoulders back. Then bring one hand down to touch your opposite toe, staying perfectly aligned, looking straight ahead, and lifting your back leg as high as you can.

If you feel your hamstring down your standing leg stretch then you are doing it right! Perform this exercise very slowly with a lot of control; repeat for 15 repetitions on each leg.