An estimated 800 million pounds of watermelon gets wasted in the US every year.

That’s way too much deliciousness going to waste.

How does one begin to tackle a surplus of 800 million pounds of watermelon?

wtrmln-wtrWell a good portion of those melons get thrown away just because they don’t look good enough for our produce shelves… We’ll spare you any puns about turning lemons into lemonade but Queen Bey has invested in a cold-pressed juice company doing exactly that!

WTRMLN WTR, a New York based cold-pressed juice company, is buying up all those ugly watermelons (which are beautiful on the inside of course) and turning them into what is bound to become the next big fitness drink.

“By using cold press, we can use fresh watermelon rind and flesh, the pink part of the melon, without any preservatives or any added sugar or water. So you get all of the nutritional benefits.” said Jody Levy, co-founder of WTRMLN WTR. “it’s got six times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, and it’s all-natural” Levy added.

So how did Bey get involved with this startup?

Well let’s rewind to 2013 when she dropped Drunk and in Love. Some of you super fans out there might recall Bey singing “I’ve been drinking watermelon” and if you don’t then watch the music video below! Ms. Knowles’ love for watermelons has long been pronounced and we’re just glad she found a way to share that love with the nation.

Save the melons!