Acai is a South American palm tree that produces small edible blackish-purple berries. Recently, Acai has become pretty popular, and many Acai bowl and smoothie shops have popped up across the nation. Acai is extremely tasty and it has many different benefits for you that you may have not known about. Here are ten reasons why you should add Acai into your diet.

1. Heart Health

Acai berries have a high level of anthocyanins, which are associated in the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Acai are rich in plant sterols that offer cardio-protective benefits to our cells. These benefits include preventing blood clots, relaxing blood vessels, and improving blood circulation.

2. Mental Function

Specifically in menopausal women, acai has shown connections with prevention in mental imbalances.

3. Energy Booster

acai-berriesAdding acai extract into your morning routine can increase your energy levels as well as your stamina. Acai extract has also been said to help fatigue and exhaustion – if you feel as if you need a boost of energy you should keep a handful of acai berries on hand throughout the day.

4. Anti—Aging Effects

Due to the high amounts of plant antioxidants, Acai may be linked to the ability of slowing down processes of aging related to oxidative damage. One berry contains around ten times the amount of antioxidants as grapes and two times the amount of blueberries.

5. Cellular Health

Acai contains anthocyanin’s, which help keep cells strong against the invasion of free radicals. Our cellular protection system is very important to our health, adding acai into our diets will build up our cells and continue to keep them strong and healthy.

6. Digestion

Acai helps keep our digestive system clean through their powerful detoxification capacities in our bodies. There are many high fiber foods that do the same job but if you do not like them, or want to try something new, acai is definitely a sure bet.

7. Skin Health

Many beauty products are beginning to use acai oil, the oil is high in antioxidant content. Instead of the countless chemical based products, acai is a wonderful natural alternative that won’t harm your skin in the long run. Many Brazilians have been using acai internally and externally to treat skin conditions, they say it also gives them a healthier glow.

8. Weight Loss

Acai has been called the ‘super—food’ by many nutritionists. They say it helps individuals to lose weight as well as maintain a healthy weight.

9. Protein

Typically when we hear the word protein we do not think about eating fruit. The acai berry contains a lot of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The amount of amino acid found in acai berries can be compared to the equivalence of an egg. This means acai is great to eat after finishing a workout, as it will help with muscle building as well as repair.

10. Boost Sex Drive

Acai has been linked to an increase in blood circulation; this phenomenon may contribute to a boost in sex drive, especially for men.