Infuse IV Bar is Giving People Vitamins Instead of Alcohol

Heavy drinking has proven itself to be the cause and solution to many of life’s problems. In this particular case, it’s the cause of more than a few unbearable hangovers in Las Vegas, which led a doctor to think up an extremely popular solution that he called “Hangover Heaven” — a bus that provides IV Infusions of revitalizing and hydrating vitamins to instantly cure a hangover.

The popularity of these quick fix drip bags has subsequently led three medical professionals from Denver to bring about an even better health solution, by expanding their market to the more sober and health conscious crowd.

Dr. Kelly Koson, PA Jason Whaley, and Kit Bargmann (EMT and former Firefighter) all worked in the emergency room together and saw first-hand how effective IV Therapy was, and how they could expand its use outside of hospital walls. So, they took their combined skills and opened up Infuse IV Therapeutics in Denver – a health bar that serves up a variety of nutrient packed “cocktails” that can bypass the digestive track and head straight to the blood veins via Intravenous Therapy. 

Building a New Kind of Bar Culture

Infuse-IV“We basically just ‘shark-tanked’ it and geared it (IV Therapy) more towards actual functional purposes: sports performance, mental clarity, altitude sickness, you name it,” said Bargmann. “But then, we also started to get a little bit of demand from chronic illness patients like Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease – a lot of nutritional deficiency disorders that won’t allow a person to intake the proper amount of nutrition.”

Since opening in January, the concept has taken off.

There are 10 total recipes to choose from depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. The “Mental Clarity” bag is popular among working professionals because according to Bargmann, “it contains a nutritional that actively works on the brain that’ll allow you to recall data up to three times faster than you normally can.” It’s the closest and cleanest thing to the Limitless pill we’ve all been secretly wishing we had access to.

The “Lean Muscle Mass” cocktail is popular for body-builders and athletes. It contains a mix of B12, glutathione, amino acids, plus a localized fat loss injection of Lipo-C. Lipo-C helps keep your body in a fat burning metabolism for longer post workout. Bargmann used this infusion about once a week and lost 3.5% body fat without changing anything in his diet or his workout routine.

Sore muscles? Feel a cold coming on? Altitude sickness? Need some anti-aging? Anxiety ridden? There’s a drip for all of the above, and it’s about as low-risk as you can get.

Infusing the Cocktail Menu

Infuse-IV-2While the menu exists to provide some nutritional direction, you can also get a bag tailored to your specific needs. Infuse IV can run blood tests to find out exactly where an individual is lacking and create a customized cocktail designed for that person, because as Bargmann put it, “There really truly is no one size fits all when it comes to medicine.”

The combined 22 years of experience in the medical field speaks to the efficacy of their offerings. Medical Director Dr. Kelly Koson orders all the FDA approved nutritionals from pharmaceutical companies and Physicians Assistant, Jason Whaley acts as chief mixologist, ensuring each drip bag on the menu is safe and effective for every patient.

“Every recipe that you see on there is decades worth of experience and research knowledge backing every single dosage on each bag,” said Bargmann.

If you want to benefit from a couple of different drip cocktails, you can play a little mix and match like new client Amy Schulte did.

Schulte was recommended to Infuse IV from her massage therapist who was using the “Lean Muscle Mass” bi-weekly to prep for a fitness show. In her first session she also went with the “Lean Muscle Mass” drip with an added “Vanity” boost. The Vanity bag contains nutrients to help enhance hair, skin and nails.

Unlike most of us, Schulte can now say that her first IV ever was a positive experience.

“Kit told me it could take up to 24 hours to really feel the results,” Schulte said. “But, I felt something by that evening, not my usual 6pm sluggishness. I had a good restful nights sleep, woke up feeling good and ready to take on the day. In the gym I felt strong and recovered!”

Fitness competitor Shaun Spiers is a regular customer who uses the “Lean Muscle Mass” bag with extra I-Carnitine on a weekly basis.

“I compete on a national level in men’s physique and decided to really take my prep to another level with the IV bags,” said Spiers. “We put our bodies through a ton of stress and work with the lifting and cardio and the biggest difference I’ve noticed is my sleep is more sound and my recovery is quicker, along with higher energy levels.”

When I Drip, You Drip, We Drip

Just like any other bar, Infuse IV can be a place to socialize while you’re enjoying a cocktail. There’s different lounges offered depending on what kind of experience you want to have. You can choose from a social environment where you can talk with others and watch television, or hang out in the “chill out” lounge for a relaxation and spa kind of feel.

So how long do you hang out at this new kind of treatment lounge? Bags come in different sizes depending on how much time you have to drip. The smallest bag (250ml) will take around 20 minutes to infuse. The standard size (500ml) takes around 30-45 minutes, and the full liter bag takes about an hour. Though, if you’re on a time crunch, but still want to receive the same amount of nutritionals, they can be concentrated in the smallest bag so you’re receiving less fluid, but still getting the same effect.

To all the naysayers of IV Therapy who mention it’s not a far step below the use of performance enhancing drugs, Bargmann says it’s really no different than what people are already taking in pressed pills.

“People are already taking branched aminos, multivitamins, traced aminos and things like that,” said Bargmann. “All we’re doing is giving it to them in a more effective manner so that they can absorb it better and better utilize it.”

Infuse IV offers treatments from anywhere between $95 – $175 a bag depending on the cocktail. However those who book in bulk are offered discounts.

Visit their website here for the full menu and more information.

Happy dripping!