As the stigma for online dating starts to fade away, you might be asking yourself if you should give it a try. The love of your life could be one swipe away right? If you’re new to the game of online dating, it can be a little bit intimidating, so we had our online dating source share some tips for first-timers.

She’s been on 85 different dates using 9 of the biggest online dating platforms. Here’s what she has to say for all you digital dating newbies.

use-your-instincts1. Use Your Instincts

Common sense and logic are always your friend. If something or someone makes you feel unbearably uncomfortable, pay attention to that.

“That has saved me from everything, because even though I have a story of going into a guy’s van, my instincts, there were no red flags with that guy, he was a nice guy, so use your instincts, and if you don’t have good instincts, if you are constantly getting into trouble, then make sure you are only meeting in a public place.”

The story of going into a guy’s van is not as creepy as it sounds. Our expert had a date with a man in a public place and it turned out he was an artist temporarily living in his van by the beach. Very polite guy, not a serial killer. But, her point being, stay logical out there. 

2. Everybody is a Puzzle and a Price

If you’re nervous about getting to know someone you’ve met online, our online dating source tells us it’s best to take that attitude that everyone is a puzzle and a price. What does that mean?

“Everybody has something interesting about them, and everybody is worthy.” She says  “And, it’s great to connect with someone and to get to know people. It’s great to learn something about somebody else.”

first-dateSo go into with an optimistic attitude.

“Having a new experience, meeting a new person, you letting them to get to know you… It’s great.” She says, “We’re social people, it’s a beautiful experience. I have never had an experience where the guy was a jerk.”

3. Keep the first date a short one to start

Having been on 85 first dates from an online app… our source has the tried and true stories to ensure that this is a good tip to follow.

“Even if you’re excited about them, give it an hour. Because you don’t know if the date is going to be horrible, so if you say, ‘An hour,’ you can always stay longer if you want, but then you have an easy out. You’re only there for an hour if it’s horrible.” She says.

Happy swiping!