If you feels your chin is not shaped well, in relation to the rest of your face, chin surgery may be an excellent option for you. Many men and women undergo chin augmentation through facial implants to enlarge the chin, while others choose chin reduction surgery to make their jaw less prominent.

Chin implant surgery costs between $5,000-$8,000 while non-surgical chin implants cost around $800 to $1,500.

Chin-Implant-CostsExtent of Treatment – Factors that can make the procedure more complicated and take more time will increase the price of the surgery. The scope of the procedure varies according to the unique needs and goals of individual patients. A non-surgical chin implant will be less expensive in comparison to a permanent implant. In these cases, Radiesse and Artefill are injected into the chin and become part of the skin, but do not move.

Pre and Post Operative Cost – Depending on the patient there may be several pre and post operative appointments on top of the surgery itself. The consultations, preparatory appointments, and follow up appointments are all costs to consider.

Chin-Implant-Costs-2Medication – Patients may need pain medication during recovery, which is not usually included in the overall surgery and is an additional cost. Lip augmentation is typically a fast recovery and medication is not always needed.

Side Affects – Some patients may experience side affects after surgery that may pose additional costs. Complications include but are not limited to, bruising and swelling, reaction to anesthesia, migration of implant, infection, and numbness.

Bed Rest – The indirect cost of undergoing lip augmentation is the time the patient is out of work. You should consider the amount of time you will need to take off work as well as possible additional time if there are complications after surgery. Typically recovery from a chin enhancement is around seven to ten days. Swelling and bruising should go away after two to four weeks but sometimes can last for several months. Non surgical chin enhancement will create minor swelling and occasional bruising, but most symptoms will only last a couple of days, and patients can go to work the following day.