When undergoing any surgery it is important to consider how long the recovery time will be. Patients should be able to plan how long they will be out of work and how long they should expect it would take them to fully recover from surgery. Most chin augmentation patients are outpatients and will be released about two hours after surgery.

Chin-Augmentation-Recovery-5Directly After Surgery

Right after surgery patients will be swollen, have bruises, and may be uncomfortable while they sleep. It is helpful to have friends or family assist you with day to day activities as movement directly after surgery can increase discomfort in patients. Patients should definitely have someone drive them home as they will not be able to drive for a number of days after surgery.


Chin-Augmentation-Recovery-4After chin augmentation surgery, not all patients will go on pain medication. A lot of patients describe themselves as being uncomfortable but not in pain. If a patient decides to take a painkiller it will typically be Vicodin or Hydrocodone, this should only be taken as directed by your doctor. Patients should not drink any alcohol while on their pain medication and should make sure they eat when taking the medication, as it will help minimize nausea.

Some patients will experience a fever for one or two days after the operation. Others will experience swelling and your doctor may prescribe medication to help. Taking Vitamin C can also help the healing process and can be taken up to three times a day.

Wound care

After surgery your doctor will give you dressings to cover your stitches. These should be kept dry, and should stay on for about three days after surgery.


It is important to rest for the entire day after chin augmentation surgery. When the patient goes to sleep their head should be elevated for about one week after surgery. It is important for the patient to avoid bending, lifting or straining themselves. Depending on the patient they may go to work the following day. Some patients will take two weeks off following surgery, and patients should not drive for at least one week after surgery due to the inability to rotate the head.

Final Result

Two weeks after surgery most patients notice little to no swelling or bruising. It takes time for patients to see the final result of their chin surgery. Some patients are happy with their results at three months and some patients are happy after one year, it all depends on the patient and their desired outcome from the surgery.