Many people like to incorporate push-ups into their workouts, as it is an excellent exercise, which provides a dynamite full-body workout. Once you have mastered the basic push-up you should try changing it up a little. Below you’ll find some ways to switch it up and make your workouts more interesting while making things a little more challenging.

1. Single-Arm Raised

In between lowering yourself into a push up, you will sweep your arm in front of you at the top of your extension. This makes it more difficult to balance so your core gets a good workout. Hold your arm out in front of you for five seconds and then perform another push up, make sure you alternate arms after each push up.

2. Rotational

Rotate your body into a side plank when the push-up is completed. Hold your upper arm straight in the air so that the body resembles a “T.” This will work your shoulders and oblique muscles while helping you improve your balance.

3. Single-Leg Raised

While performing a push-up extend one leg off of the ground so that it is parallel with the floor. This will add extra instability so you must engage your core to help you balance.

4. Knuckle

Instead of doing a push up with your hands flat, put your hands into fists and perform the push up on your knuckles. These will help you to strengthen your wrists, toughen up your knuckles, and improve your balance.

5. Staggered

Place one of your hands farther forward than the other, when your hands are staggered you put more emphasis on one side of your chest. This is very beneficial for those who are lacking strength on their non-dominant side.

6. Slow Negative

When lowering your body into a push up, move your body very slowly. Then move yourself to the starting position of the push up very quickly. This type of exercise is called a slow negative and is a fast way to build size and strength.

7. Knees to Chest

While lowering into your push up bring one knee under your body, and then alternate each leg. This will make your abdominal muscles burn!

8. Pseudo Planche

This push up will definitely feel awkward at first as you place your hands pointing downward at your feet and a little farther down the torso. This will make your shoulders and biceps strong and toned.

9. Knee-to-Opposite Elbow

At the top of each movement twist your body and bring your knee to the opposite elbow. This is a great movement that works your rotational muscles, which run from your rib cage to your hips.

10. Diamond

Place your hands together so that your thumbs and index fingers form a diamond. Your hands should be placed below the center of your chest and then you’re ready for your reps!

11. Feet Elevated

Grab a chair, stool, or stability ball and prop your toes at the very edge of the object. This adds body weight to the exercise while putting emphasis on your upper chest muscles.