Squatting is a great way to build muscle in your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. This exercise improves both your lower and upper body strength while burning fat, improving mobility and balance, and toning your body.

As we get older, or if we have had a previous knee injury, squats can be hard on our bodies. At the beginning of 2016 The Squat Wedge was launched as a solution for those with knee injuries, weak joints and/or tightness, those who are not mobile enough to workout with proper form, those who cannot squat/lunge past parallel, 90 degrees, or past their knees correctly, and for those who like to target their glutes without developing their quads or vice versa.

Squat-Wedge-Workout-Tool-Your-Knees-Need-Today-4While playing intramural indoor soccer in college, Shahab Sharifian, the inventor of The Squat Wedge, trained for an NPC Men’s Physique Contest which lead him to change some of his ideas about how training one’s body should be done… Or shouldn’t be done.

You see, Shahab, during those three years of intense training, never consistently stretched or did any sort of mobility training and this lead to some undesirable effects on his body.

I experienced imbalanced muscle degradation over a two-year span amongst my calves, quads, and hamstrings that eventually led to my kneecap tendon injury. After having patellar tendinitis, not only was I unable to perform leg exercises, but my day-to-day life style had shifted from doing morning cardio sessions and weights in the evening to going to chiropractic and physical therapy, and in general nursing my knees throughout the day,” said Shahab.

During this experience Shahab went through a lot of pain to re-mobilize his knees and re-balance his physique. He turned towards peer-reviewed academic research and through this the idea for the Squat Wedge was born.

What does it do?

Squat-Wedge-Workout-Tool-Your-Knees-Need-Today-3The Squat Wedge relieves strain on the knees while performing leg exercises, and targets the quads, hams, and glutes during workouts. Shahab who received his B.S. in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention and an M.S. in Global Medicine, Management from the University of Southern California had specific insight into what a training tool like this can do to relieve knee pain.

“This allows the user to perform area-specific training, igniting the muscle burn, all while experiencing greatly reduced knee strain and tremendous muscle-fiber-tearing gains,” said Shahab.

Who should use it?

The Squat Wedge is for all ages of men and women, boys and girls. It is recommended for those who are not avid stretchers, who don’t have time to stretch, do yoga, or mobilize prior to training. If you experience knee strain, tight tendons or joints, and need assistance on form the squat wedge could be beneficial to your workouts.

If you work desk-jobs and are seated most of the day, experiencing sciatica pain or have poor blood circulation in your hips and legs the squat wedge is a great way to reduce these problems.

The squat wedge is also a great tool to train your glutes without growing your legs/quads too much. The “fit mom” or the mother who recently had a newborn, who may not have as much time to go to the gym, and feel the freedom to workout from anywhere, can incorporate the squat wedge into their at home workout.

Lastly, NPC Bikini competitors, or to any aspiring competitors, professional athletes, trainers, or to anyone who wants to take their leg workouts to the next level the squat wedge is a prime tool to incorporate into your workout routines!

Squat-Wedge-Workout-Tool-Your-Knees-Need-Today-2Where can you buy the squat wedge and for how much?

The Squat Wedge is available on their website, TheSquatWedge.com and it costs $29.99. There are many promo codes that are frequently posted on their Instagram page, so make sure to connect with The Squat Wedge and follow for discounts, tips and giveaways!

What stores is it in?

The Squat Wedge launched as an e-commerce business. They have received many inquiries to shelf Squat Wedges in various brick and mortar stores worldwide, and are currently exploring such opportunities.

The Squat Wedge collaborates with a very eclectic group of celebrity trainers, professional athletes, fitness competitors and fitness models who have a dynamic reach, all of whom can be seen on their Instagram page, @thesquatwedge.

Be on the lookout for The Squat Wedge’s YouTube channel that will provide free Squat Wedge workouts. Additionally, they are planning to officially launch the Squat Wedge in Australia by Summer 2016!