When we think about working our core, we often think planks, sit ups and even crunches.

But you can get in a great bodyweight core workout at home without ever getting down on the ground.

Standing Core Exercises are a great way to work not only your core, but also build full-body strength while getting your blood pumping. These moves will work everything from your shoulders to your knees and get your heart beating in only 15 minutes!

For this workout, I recommend a light dumbbell or even a light med ball to challenge your core even more.

The 15-Minute Standing Core Workout:

Set a timer for 30 second intervals and perform the moves back-to-back without resting between. You will get 30 seconds of active rest between rounds. Complete 2 rounds of each circuit then move on to the next circuit.


30 seconds Squat to Oblique Knee Crunch
30 seconds each side Lunge and Reach
30 seconds Alternating Side Taps
30 seconds REST


30 seconds Squat with Chest Press
30 seconds each side Teapots
30 seconds Skater Hops
30 seconds REST


30 seconds Lunge with Rotation
30 seconds each side Dumbbell Cross-Body Chops
30 seconds Wacky Jacks
30 seconds REST

Make sure not to rest during the 30 seconds of work. This is a fast, but killer, core workout that will get your blood pumping and whole body working!