Summer is here… and most of us are regretting all those times we put off going to the gym. But it’s definitely not too late to put some work in and get that swimsuit bod that most of us have been pining for all year.  Here are 4 moves to #LookBetterNaked from David Barton Gym’s Devon James:

1. Reverse Lunge – Targets glutes & quadriceps


  • Beginners: Alternating lunge, bodyweight 24 reps
  • Intermediate: Single side lunge, with moderate weights 14-16 reps
  • Advanced: Split squats (feet stay fixed in lunge position) with moderate to challenging weights 12-14 reps.

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2. Wide & Close Stance Squats – Targets glutes, gluteus medius, adductors, vastus lateralis & medius.


  • Beginners: Alternate groups of 4 reps, squats with feet and knees 3 inches apart, then squats with wide stance (outside of shoulder width) with feet and thighs roughly 45 degrees at the hip.
  • Intermediate: Complete each squat variation in separate sets of 14-16 reps holding moderate to heavy weight (or using a leg press machine)
  • Advanced: Try your sets with moderate to heavy weight, with a barbell across your trapezius muscles, in the standard back loaded potion.

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3. Lat Pull Downs – Targets latissimus, posterior deltoids, mid/lower trapezius and biceps


  • Beginners: Using a handle that has grip options at shoulder width and wider, from your vertical seat position, tip back 30-40 degrees at the hip. With your back, pull the handle down towards your lower middle chest, letting your elbows lead.
  • Intermediate: Move your grip a full hand width wider, and find a weight that you can only perform 14-16 reps.
  • Advanced: Switch to a pair of 10-12″ nylon strap handles. Your pulling action should now be equal parts “down” and “apart”. Use a similar load to the intermediate effort, and experiment with different palm angles to balance wrist strength, comfort, and back muscle recruitment.

4. Full Plank Twists

  • Beginners: Hold a full plank. Keeping the chest and shoulders square, slowly & smoothly, draw one knee to the opposite elbow, then alternate for 24-30 reps.
  • Intermediate: After two alternating twists, maintain the plank, with a straight leg, slowly sweep that leg out from the body, parallel to the floor, as far a possible without losing plank. 20-24 reps
  • Advanced: after those 4 alternating movements, maintain hand position, and add a body weight press in between each round of core movements. If your deltoids and triceps aren’t ready for full body weight, try the press with knees on the ground. 20-24 reps

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“When a person starts a new training program, the time it takes to see results depends on the overall goal of your training, frequency and intensity, quality of rest, and adherence to suggested nutritional guidelines,” explains James. “Like many things relating to the human body, results may vary. For instance, if you’re working to lose body fat, your scale may indicate you’ve lost 1-2 pounds in your first 7 days, and noticeable visual results could follow in as little as 3-4 weeks.”