We all can admit to feeling scared or anxious about situations or new experiences that we do not fully understand. The difference between some individuals is that they allow their mind to keep them from trying things that are new and uncomfortable while others tell their minds to be quiet and do it anyway. Fear can be extremely detrimental to our lives and hold us back from reaching for our dreams and seeing our true potential. Instead of being afraid of fear and doubt we must embrace these feelings, and now that they’re normal to have. There are ways to minimize, control, and overcome fear and here are four ways to tackle life’s greatest fears.

Top 4 Most Common Fears

  • Never finding your passion or purpose
  • Never finding love
  • Never hitting your goal weight or having your dream body
  • You or a loved one will die suddenly

1. Never finding your passion or purpose [Solved]

Ever feel like you are stuck at your job day in and day out, unhappy? Why torture yourself doing something that is going to take up most of the time you have on this earth. The root to this fear is that you feel like you won’t be successful with what you are truly passionate about. In order to overcome this fear you must breathe, think, and believe that you will be successful.

Begin by writing down your interests and passions, including thoughts that keep coming back to you everyday that might sound crazy to you now. Try some interest assessments online to help guide you to your focus areas and make sure you are completely honest with yourself. This will help you to explore your options and rid the fear of not finding your passion. Once you find your passion your purpose will become clearer and this will make it much easier for you to identify your dream job possibilities.


2. Never finding love [Solved]

Most of us dread the dating game, we have been through too many failed relationships, been with too many people that we aren’t compatible with and we are ready to throw in the towel. Typically what we are doing wrong is not understanding who we are, why we love ourselves, and realizing that love begins within ourselves. Once we know our value, love ourselves, and know what we stand for we tend to attract people that want, need, and appreciate our love. There is no guarantee that we will find love but knowing that love attracts love and fear attracts fear will diminish our fear of never finding love.

Dig down deep within yourself to try and understand why you are afraid of opening up to love. Sometimes our past relationships as well as our parents failed relationships are why we fear love. This fear unconsciously causes you to avoid taking the risk of finding love so you neglect new experiences and opportunities.

3. Never hitting your goal weight [Solved]

Once we get it into our heads that losing weight is impossible we are subconsciously telling out bodies that we can’t do it. Before working on this fear write down what your “dream body” is and whether or not it is a specific size you want to get to or a weight that makes you feel healthy and confident.

Start focusing on specific areas that you can control – exercising regularly, not over eating, drinking more water, and cutting back on sugar. Start replacing your negative thoughts about your body image with positive ones as soon as you think of a negative comment about yourself. This will instill confidence within you and make working out and eating healthy a more positive focus area in your life.  

4. You or a loved one will die suddenly [Solved]

Fear of the unknown is one of the most common fears. Not knowing what is ahead of us makes our minds wander and sometimes allows us to think of the worst possible outcomes. Your fears begin controlling your actions as you are worrying about possibilities you have no control over.

Start thinking about death as inevitable and come to peace with this. Start to focus on the beauty of living in the moment, and appreciating what you have and whom you have in your life. This will help you to eliminate your fears of the future and help you become a happier person.