An aspect of life that money cannot buy is experience and those with experience are invaluable. This person has already gotten to the destination you want to be at in life. Whether it is a sport, a job, problems you are going through, or daily advice, learning from someone who will share their experiences with you will be extremely helpful. If you have been thinking lately that you are stressed or anxious about current situations you are going through or decisions you are making, here are some reasons that a mentor could play an imperative role in your life.

Reasons-You-Should-Have-a-Mentor-31. Build Confidence

Whenever something is ‘new’ to us we do not have as much confidence going into the situation due to our lack of knowledge and experience. You have feelings of uncertainty and anxiety – which is normal. Getting advice from someone who has been in your shoes before will build your confidence. Hearing encouraging words, getting a different point of view, and having support will build your confidence when you cannot seem to find any on your own.

2. Life-time Resource

Typically you become close to your mentor as you put trust and faith into the relationship. No matter what situation you are in, or period in your life, this connection is usually still there – someone you feel you can call on at any time or place. Even if you have ‘made it’ to the point that you longed for when you first met your mentor, there never comes a point in your life where you know everything or do not need any more help. Mentors continue to have your best interest in mind and help guide you into a better version of YOU. There is ALWAYS more to learn and ways to improve yourself.

3. Bring Out Your Strengths

Reasons-You-Should-Have-a-Mentor-2We do not become experts at our craft by ourselves, we are taught and coached. It takes a certain type of person to bring out talents in undeveloped people. With a good mentor your strengths will come out even if you do not realize you possess these qualities in the first place. I have been asked whether I would rather be coached by Michael Phelps or Bob Bowman (Michael Phelps’ coach since youth) in swimming. Many people say Michael Phelps but personally, I say Bob Bowman. Without great coaches like him, talent would be useless. He helped Michael Phelps perfect his talent in the pool, which would have been tremendously harder without his direction and knowledge. Although Phelps is an incredible athlete it does not mean he will be as good of a coach as Bowman, as the talents are very different.

4. Honesty

Mentors main objective for you is your success. With that goal in mind they are not going to just tell you what you want to hear like your friends, and competitors may, they will tell you what you need to hear. Mentor’s would rather you be upset for a couple days from the advice they gave you than have you live a lifetime of regret. A lot of people will not give you this raw, in your face, honest truth that you need to hear but you can count on it from your mentor.