Nothing can prepare you for a death; it always comes too soon no matter the circumstances. Death has a sound so permanent to it, and thinking about it that way makes it very hard to cope with. The idea of losing someone close to you, who has helped shaped you into the person you are today, who was a phone call away when you needed advice is heartbreaking.

Mourning-the-loss-of-a-close-friend-2When getting the news of the death of a close friend, your world comes crashing down, you are devastated, confused, angry, your heart feels heavy and you are numb to this reality. In the depths of this emotional pain, it’s very important to accept the mourning and grieving process, and everyone mourns differently – there is NO right way, it is only what is best for you. Here are some ways that might help you mourn through the pain and the sadness after a death.


When someone you spent countless hours with, shared numerous memories with, and loved beyond words passes away, it does not seem real. You will come in and out of acceptance with the fact your friend has passed, and this is normal. Attending the wake and funeral for friends who have died is very hard and you may at first feel as though it is too difficult to go through. This can be a great time for acceptance and closure for you when mourning. You meet with all those that shared mutual love for your friend, you discuss memories and countless stories that will remind you of all the good they offered to this world. You begin being thankful for having this person placed into your life, teaching you all that they did, giving you all the love that they had. Knowing other people are mourning with you can be comforting. Being with people that knew and understood the person who has passed helps see the beauty in the person’s life rather than the sadness in their passing.  


Whether religious or not, prayer can be very helpful during a mourning period. Believing that there is more to life after death allows you to validate that your friend is in a better place, and is at peace. Prayer can bring you closer to your loved ones, it can be a time where you feel you are speaking with them, that they are back to being close to you in heart and in spirit. Whoever you believe in, is everywhere helping you and guiding you and so is your friend that has passed, they will always be with you watching out for you.

Mourning-the-loss-of-a-close-friend-3Live life to the fullest

As cliché as it sounds – it is true. After a death of a close friend, you start thinking about life differently.  You remember that each day is a blessing, as you never know when your time here will be over. So many of us stress about the little things everyday. We spend our days being upset, angry, and disappointed or regretting decisions we have made. We need to stop, and continue living each day to the fullest, being thankful for every breath we take and start living and being joyful for those who did not get more time here.

Continue relationships with their families and mutual friends

When losing a friend it may be hard to see their families or mutual friends as it reminds you of all the amazing moments you had with these people. Your loved ones whom passed want you to continue to be happy and continue making memories together. Reach out and make an effort to keep up these relationships because these times may be when you feel the closest with the friend you lost.

Death will never be easy to mourn, but know your friend that has passed wants you to be happy and wants you to continue to grow and prosper in life. They will forever be with you, everyday, and in every moment. Start looking at life a little bit differently. Live a life they would be proud of and don’t take your days for granted as you never know when it will be your last. Cherish all the relationships you have and always tell the ones you care about that you love them. Live your life to make a positive impact on everyone you meet – be kind, be humble, and be the best possible you.