When people talk about health, fitness, and getting in shape again we typically find ourselves having a love hate relationship with that lovely 12’x12’ object in our bathroom – better known as our scale! Yes, weight is important if we weigh passed our healthy weight but sometimes it can get in the way of our fitness and health journey and actually set us back from achieving our goals.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is difficult in itself, so adding in the scale factor can really set us off. Our weight fluctuates between pounds everyday, especially when we allow ourselves a cheat day, or we’ve been under the weather and skipped a few workouts. This is all completely normal and we should allow ourselves these days, instead of waking up and putting yourself in a bad mood in the morning because you are up a pound, start off your day with a positive mindset and eat well and work out like the badass you are!

Work, your social life, and exercise becomes a juggling act for most, and sometimes we take a week off or a couple days because we can’t seem to fit it in our day, or we are just too tired! After a few days you get a really good workout in, come home and feel great, until you step onto the scale. The last thing you need is the added stress of seeing your weight when you should be proud about the workout you just completed.


The scale should purely be a tool for measuring your weight, but today it has become an indicator for so many women that identify their happiness and success. Seeing your weight higher than the week before after kicking your ass in the gym can be due to so many factors, but in that moment we don’t care, all we feel is defeated and disappointed.

Hard work, dedication, and consistency, will get you to that number on the scale you want to see. But sometimes seeing it everyday will set you back and throw you off. Showing up to the gym, or various classes where woman are in top shape can be intimidating enough; you don’t need the scale every morning as well. Remember that when you’re in these classes or when you are in the gym with complete strangers, you all have one thing in common: you all want to make yourselves better.

The scale can put you down so much that you start consistently missing workouts, and even become depressed. Now you feel guilty about your weight, and the multiple classes you have been missing.

Start your mission today – get rid of your scale and consistently go to classes or the gym five days a week with the motivation derived from the adrenaline created from each class. After a week I promise you will feel amazing, positive, and you’ll have a new glow to you. Instead of picking up the scale at the end of the week let this positivity drive you and motivate you into the following week to do the same thing. Your validation will no longer be a number, it will come from feeling healthy, and knowing you’re getting stronger by seeing results in classes and in the gym. Of course doctors use scales for health reasons but if you’re overall healthy and you’ve been letting your scale decide your happiness try getting rid of it for a while. Become empowered by your consistency with workouts, the feeling of being in shape, and not letting a number define you.