Just saying you’re going to get out of your funk is a lot easier than doing it. The way you handle yourself when you’re in a rut can make the difference between an average and exceptional individual. The holidays have passed, the high levels of energy associated with New Year’s Resolutions have dwindled, and the romance of Valentine’s Day is long gone. Although not all of us are currently live in a frozen tundra, we are left with the last few weeks of winter and these months can be hard on us all.

Don’t feel like you’re alone if you’re feeling down on your self-worth, motivation, or creativity. These struggles are normal, and most people go through these same ups and downs especially at this point in the season. The most important thing to think about when you’re feeling down is your mindset; this will separate you from an average mindset to an exceptional one. Here are four ways to boost yourself back to your normal high-energy, high-performance self!

1. Make a gratitude list

This may seem silly to you but grab a sheet of paper, or your journal and start jotting down what you are grateful for. Write a column of numbers from one to one hundred and try to write down your blessing from small to big. It is hard to feel down when you start going over one hundred things you are grateful for!

2. Reflect on memories when you were doing really well

woman-reflectingTake a moment to close your eyes and visualize a point in your career or personal life where you were on top of your game. Start to ask yourself what conditions led to this moment? How did this happen? How’d you overcome adversity? When you connect yourself to a previous win it will remind you that life is full of ups and downs and that you are capable and deserving of victories. Remind yourself that success will always go in cycles so another peak should be coming soon! Although you are currently facing a low point try to focus your energy on fighting to climb to your next peak.

3. Do an act of service for someone less fortunate than yourself

When you’re at home curled up in your bed watching a sad movie feeling bad for yourself, think about just how many people are outside suffering in the cold. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or a food bank or provide a gift to an animal shelter to help keep animals warm. When you help someone else you will put your suffering in perspective and make someone else’s day a little brighter.

4. Do something to improve yourself

Get your butt up and go to the gym! Get your endorphins pumping and remind your body you are alive, well, and can make yourself feel better. Working up a sweat will help you burn calories and burn off this funkiness you are feeling while adding positive energy into your day! Helping improve your mind through a podcast or a non-fiction book will help you feel better as well. Invest in your hobbies, passions, and interests, to take a small act toward success and get you out of your rut.