Life is already busy enough juggling work, school, and keeping the family together so how can we possibly find time to keep ourselves fit? The saying Monkey See Monkey Do is relatable to your children. What you do in order to stay fit can influence your kid’s physical activity as well… but how do we get started?

Check out these tips to help you and your family get active:

1. Plan Outdoor Activities

Ways-to-Stay-Active-With-Your-Family-3Nowadays we see less kids running in the streets and more glued to a screen of some sort. Commit one day of the week to do something together with the family whether it be hitting the pools in the summertime, skiing in the winter or hiking any time of the season. Make sure you pack healthy snacks along the way so that doesn’t get ruined by your kids yelling and crying for something unhealthy, which ends up defeating the purpose of being active.

2. Take Classes Together

There are plenty of classes offered that can be done with your children. Look for your local yoga, aerobics or dance classes to take on together. This will keep a close relationship with your kids while getting you both to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find the right class that’s suitable for your liking and your child’s.

3. Revamping the Family Room

This sanctuary usually ends up being the lazy room for everyone to just plot themselves on the couch stuck sitting for hours staring at a screen. Ways to change up this room in order to get some sort of physical activity is by adding exercising tools like dumbbells, resistance bands, a yoga mat or jump rope. Even when it comes to video consoles like Wii, there are plenty of workout videos that end up being fun and keep you from lying across the couch.  

4. Make Chores Fun

Rather than dictating a set of chores routinely for a designated person, turn your chores into a game. Set up challenges that require a race to see who can finish first by setting up a timer & handing out rewards for the winner. Adding music to your chores can make all the difference in enjoying the chores, which may cause you to dance along the way. If you have a dog, use the time to take them out to release by running, biking, or rollerblading with them. These simple changes can make all the difference

5. Redesign Your Meals

Families that eat healthier tend to follow into other healthy habits like physical activities. Take your kids with you to the farmers market and have them involved in choosing their fruits & vegetables. This can create a sense of eagerness to get excited about what they ate knowing they helped.