Summer is getting closer and layering clothes is becoming less of an appealing option. Vacation season is here, which means you’ll be spending a lot more time eating out, trying different types of food and marveling at the all tastes and flavors.  Welcome to one of the hardest things to do while you are away: avoiding binge eating!

If you want to avoid weight gain on your next trip you might find these tips helpful:

1. Manage Your Breakfast

healthy-breakfastSome people try holding back at every meal while traveling, which can be hard and can weigh you down emotionally. An alternative to this is to be more conscious of the first meal of your day; breakfast. Eating a light breakfast like oatmeal and fruit will give you energy with very little in the way of fats. It will also give you some caloric leeway for lunch and dinner when you are more likely to splurge on that rib-eye or pasta dish. If you think that kind of breakfast will not get even close to filling you up, try a piece of fruit before your breakfast to curb your appetite, and make the meal more filling.

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2. Snack Smarter

If you plan on sightseeing and roaming around on an all-day trek, pack snacks with you. Forgetting to do so may leave you ravenous when you have your next meal. Stick to the 3 P’s when it comes to snacking: plan, pack, and protein. Make sure you plan ahead of time and pack things that are easy to travel with and include a lot of protein. A great addition is including fruits, nuts or a low sugar protein bar to pair with your snack. These easy steps will curb your appetite by the time it comes to your next meal.

3. Grocery Run

groceriesMaking a run to your nearest supermarket is a must when vacationing, especially for longer trips. At the very least it will allow you to stick to a breakfast option that is light and filling like Greek yogurt, fruits, and bread. Having healthy snacks from the supermarket will not only prevent you from overindulging at restaurants, it’ll be cost efficient as well.

4. Avoid Buffets

Stopping yourself from indulging in “All you can eat” buffet can be tough. I mean you just get so much more for your money! Appetizers, main entree, some more main entrees and a never-ending stack of desserts. Piling food onto your plate at a buffet can quickly lead to you eating your entire caloric amount for the entire day in one hour. If possible, try to stay away from buffet options unless it’s your only choice. And let’s face it, that full feeling after indulging in a buffet can really be a buzz kill for your energy levels for the rest of the day.

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5. Take The Long Route

When you’re on vacation try taking the long route… in general. Whenever you can try walking to dinner or jogging to your next attraction. This not only keeps you fit, but it allows you to do more sightseeing, while burning extra calories before dinner!

Safe travels this Summer!