Whether you like it or not trying to tune out news about Kim Kardashian is almost impossible so why not learn what we can from her? and her mistakes…

She recently exposed to the world that she duct tapes her breasts to get ready for the red-carpet.

You’re probably thinking that “that can’t be good for them,” well you’re right, it’s not! 

Here’s a list of of five things you should NOT do to you breasts

1. Duct taping them

kim-kardashian“I’ve used everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape and I think that the best I found is gaffer’s tape. It sticks the best!” Kim K revealed. It actually isn’t good for your skin and can cause a really bad skin irritation. Bruce Katz, MD, Director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York City explained to Health.com that, “It can irritate your skin and cause a rash, especially around your nipples, which are particularly sensitive.” That sounds painful. Dr. Katz adds that it can also result in an allergy to various tapes and develop into eczema in the future.

2. Botoxing them

This is a technique that MDs are performing on their patients to get a perkier look. This causes the pectorals to be paralyzed and forces your back muscles to carry out the job of keeping your breasts up. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that this treatment is a complete waste of money and does nothing to sagging skin. There is no data on the side effects & harm this can potentially cause. Since we are on the topic of injecting your breasts, say no to the “Vampire Breast Life.” Yes. You read that correctly… women are using their blood to create a plumier look. This is also a definite no. Stick with tried and true… breast augmentation and breast lifts.

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3. Waxing nipple hairs

sports-braThis is something you can get done at any salon, but the question is, why risk getting painful burns and irritation? The area around the nipple is very sensitive and isn’t worth the risk of a bad skin reaction. For a safer and less costly option you can bleach the hairs but if you really can’t stand them there is also laser hair removal.

4. Running in a yoga bra

Sports bras are super trendy right now. You may catch women styling them in their daily wardrobe but it’s when you decide to run in them that you should be concerned. The repetitive pounding while running can actually break down connective tissues in your chest, which results in sagging. Try a sport bra with supportive cups.

5. Piercing your nipples

study conducted by the University of Iowa showed that piercings can cause your mammaries to increase the risks of developing an abscess which is a painful, pus-filled infection. Piercing your nipples also can mess with milk production later in life. Dr. Katz explains “Some women are allergic to the metal used for the piercing or in the ring itself, which can cause a severe rash.” On a more serious note, if the equipment isn’t properly disinfected you can contract hepatitis B, C or HIV.

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