Perhaps that headline is a little frightening. But rest assured, replacing showers at home with giant wipes, isn’t what we are encouraging here.

epic-wipesIf you’ve ever camped out somewhere where showers were not easily accessible or attended a 3-day music festival (cough: coachella) where the thought of body odor floating in the air made you cringe, this invention is your new savior.

Epic Wipes founded by Aeneas Janze is a way to take a shower with a super-dooper wet wipe. “Like every other soldier in the field, [Janze] found that trying to take ”wet-wipe” showers to wash his whole body was usually a frustrating, sticky waste of time and resources” reads his kickstarter bio… He knew there had to be a better way. After three years of research and experimentation, Dr. Janze’s quest to design the perfect wet wipe has finally come to a fruitful end.” He came up with the idea of this while he served where he and others used baby wipes, but for obvious reasons wasn’t large enough.

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Their pocket-size packaging makes it easier to take with you anywhere, unfolding into a large bath towel. The best part is that they’re 100% biodegradable made with bamboo and other natural ingredients. 99.8 % is made out of water and bamboo while the other .2% is chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus essential oil, sugar-based surfactant, and food grade preservatives so technically it’s safe enough to be edible but obviously they are not meant for consumption.

This is super convenient for mothers with messy children or kids who play in sports to quickly clean them up without harming their skin. If you’re found in an unfortunate natural disaster, these stocked up in your emergency kit will come super handy. A single wipe will retail for $2.99 according to KickStart where they already surpassed their funding goal.

As the company puts it, “face first, butt last.”