Most of us have stomach sensitivity to regular store bought milk… so there’s always an alternative popping up whether it be almond milk, soy, or straight up raw milk. Well, what about donkey milk? Yes you heard that right. And as if consuming something called donkey milk isn’t weird enough, it is most commonly known as “ass milk.”

Who even proposed it would be a good idea to consumer this stuff? Well we have the Swiss to thank for that. A company known as Eurolactics, announced that they will be bringing their milk to the rest of Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia. And because they are Swiss you know they won’t just stop at making milk… the company announced they’ll be making donkey milk chocolate soon.

Although this may sound new to you (and may make your stomach turn), here are some interesting facts about donkey milk:

It’s actually not new… it’s been around!

benefits-donkey-milk-nutrition-2Dating as far back as Hippocrates, the father of medicine praised the advantages of donkey milk. It was also widely known during ancient Roman time and used for medical purposes in France up until the 20th century. Although, it may sound new to you, it definitely has been around for quite awhile.

Nutritionally, it is different from regular cow milk.

The closest comparison is to human breast milk according to its pH levels and nutritional profile. It contains much less fat than cow’s milk and is high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Donkey milk’s natural essences have exhibited to strengthen immunity that may help people suffering with asthma, eczema, and psoriasis.

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So what are the benefits?

Plenty of studies have proven the various benefits it has to the body. One in particular is a more recent one that was published this year in the journal of Current Pharmaceutical Design, which concluded that donkey milk could help prevent artery hardening due to its ability to dilate blood vessels. It’s also a great substitute to those who are lactose intolerant and need a reason to stop drinking cow’s milk.

People are already consuming this!

In 2011 BBC reported that 50% of people are already on the bandwagon of donkey milk consumption near a farm located outside Bologna, Italy. The best part is that people have claimed it to be much more tastier than regular milk & odorless.  

It doesn’t stop just there. It extends to beauty trends too!

In many beauty such as skin care products main component is donkey milk. Like previously stated, helped those who had conditions such as eczema and any other sensitive skin issues.

Its popularity is rising.

If you search donkey milk online you’ll find an immense amount of results. Its popularity will most likely continue to grow. The only downside is that donkey’s don’t produce as much milk as cows do. It takes about 15 donkeys to fill an entire gallon, so it may be slapped with a heavy price tag along with it. Farms containing livestock of donkeys are also much smaller in comparison to cows.