These days there’s a life hack for just about everything… but there are some that may have you scratching your head thinking “that can’t be safe.” Beauty hacks in particular are rising day by day on pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for no apparent reason. We wanted to keep you from buying into the ones that you will be thanking us for saving you from trying.

1. Limes in Place of Deodorant

lime-deoderantThe idea of rubbing this fresh lime under your arms organically may sound body-friendly and a great substitute for all the chemicals found in store bought deodorant. Wrong. Lime is very acidic and this can actually turn into unattractive and painful rashes and burns.

Instead, try going to your nearest whole foods to find a safer option to deodorant that is actually made for your skin.

2. Mouthwash Stopping Dandruff

Another big “No” added to the list, claimed by YouTube beauty-trick vlogger Farah Dhukai claims that the ingredients help stop white flakes on your hair. In fact there is no scientific reasoning to back this up. Dandruff can be related to many reasons from dry skin, eczema & overgrowth of yeast. Mouthwash may actually create more problems for the skin on the scalp and can change color-treated hair.

Instead, try grabbing a clinically proven shampoo and conditioner to start with & don’t over wash or under wash your hair.

 3. Using a Knife or Shoe Heel to Contour

contouringIf you haven’t already seen this done on Instagram then it’s probably best you don’t. This seems like a cry for attention for people to get their video viral by trying almost anything to contour your cheeks. This is not only dangerous but also highly unsanitary.

Instead, try anything else with a straight line like a ruler, book, credit card, or simply just eyeball it.

4. Deodorant to Combat Shine

Yes deodorant can stop your glands from producing sweat but do nothing for oil. Applying deodorant to your face can actually clog up your pores and cause breakouts.

Instead try a primer made to absorb oil with SPF or rice paper to blot off oil and shine off your face.

5. Onions to Speed Up Eyebrow Growth

Not another YouTube blogger… Huda Kattan who’s also very popular in the IG world, recommends this to help grow your brows. This can actually help you in the dandruff department but does nothing to regrow your hair which let’s be honest are happy we can keep away from our eyes.

Instead try topical minoxidil or castor oil that can help not only regrow your brows and eyelashes.