Once you’ve hit your mid 20’s that’s when you start noticing how life has taken a toll on your body inside and out. That extra caffeine fix in the morning or glass of wine— or two or three— can eventually turn your pearly whites into a disturbing shade of yolk.

So where does one start when getting your teeth whitened professionally? I mean you don’t want to spend more than you actually need and there are different procedures that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Dr-David-FreyCelebrity dentist, Dr. David Frey, DDS of Beverly Hills who counts Zendaya as a client claims to have a procedure for just about anyone. “Whether our patients are celebrities readying for a photo shoot or red carpet appearance, a soccer mom who wants to improve her beauty and look” he has a procedure to fit their needs.  For the most part, Dr. Frey encourages his clients to be conservative with whiteners.

There are obviously instances where patients will consider something as serious as porcelain veneers. But not everybody is a good fit for this procedure. The following are symptoms that can be addressed for those considering veneers:

  1. Worn out teeth
  2. Discoloration
  3. Chips or fractures
  4. Crooked teeth, misalignments or gaps

Two treatments offered by Dr. Frey that are great go-to’s in whitening are Zoom laser and whitening at home with a customized mouth guard. Zoom laser, which “can be done in about an hour, has immediate results, transforming the teeth as much as 6 shades lighter.” The alternative treatment, “a customized mouth guard, for a gel application that can be done at home that takes about two weeks with similar results,” says Dr. Frey.

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So how much do these procedures cost? “Whitening is approximately $500-750 depending on whether you use a custom at home process or if it’s in the office with Zoom laser,” says Dr. Frey. If that’s not enough and you really want to alter the shape of your teeth, “veneers are approximately $2-3K per tooth,” he says. “And what’s great is many times, even 2-4 teeth that are corrected on the upper, center mouth can have a dramatic result and big impact in the look of the smile.”

Side effects of Zoom whitening and whitening at home are mild to none. You may experience “Zingers” or a “sharp, pinging sensation, post procedure with the bleaching process,” he says. Dr. Frey monitors this for his patients on the spot and in most instances it only lasts one day. An easy fix for this is an over the counter painkiller for 24 hours after having the procedure.