If you’re trying to achieve a lean, and fit body, sticking solely to cardio will not allow you to yield those results. Lifting is required to gain muscle mass and get a chiseled physique. Sometimes we get strapped for time and have to squeeze in both cardio and weights into one workout session in order to complete both in one day. In order to get the most out of your workout it does matter if you choose to do weights or cardio first. Here is why you should into consideration tackling strength training first:


If you do 30-40 minutes worth of cardio before you hit the weights you begin exhausting the muscles you are trying to tear during your weight training session. You will find yourself able to do fewer reps if you have just finished a cardio workout because your muscles are fatigued. When you are tired your muscle engagement during weight repetitions will not be as accurate. Form is very important when it comes to lifts, which is why you shouldn’t exhaust your body before you have started lifting in the weight room. You will have the most power and strength to lift heavier weights if you strength train first, and in return become stronger.

When cardio matters the most

Both strength training and cardio workouts help you to burn fat. Gaining muscles raises your metabolic rate, which in return helps you burn fat faster. Everyone is different in the goals they are trying to achieve when working out, if you are trying to slim down weight training alone will not help you do that. Sticking to cardio after weight training will help you get the most out of your lift, but if you want to do cardio first allow three to four hours between your cardio and weight sessions. This time will allow your muscles to rest and recover so you can get the most out of your next workout later in the day.

Formula for Success

The bottom line is everyone’s bodies, goals, and mindsets differ. Begin with experimenting with the order of the two types of workouts to see how your body responds. If you feel as if both workouts in one session doesn’t achieve your best results schedule these two types of workouts on different days. This way you won’t worry about one affecting the other.

It can be hard to schedule out your workouts during the week and make time for both cardio and weight training. Rushing through both workouts during one session will keep you from excelling in both your cardio and strength goals. Your main priority should be getting the most out of each workout you start so you end feeling satisfied, tired, and that you were able to give 100%. Keep in mind that strength training changes your shape while cardio changes your size and choose workouts that will help you achieve the shape and size you want to be!