For most of us, when we hear the term DNA, we picture those tiny molecules at our core that look like twisting ladders. The bits of our bodies we can never see, but make up the physical fabric of who we are.  So it’s alarming when you hear of something that can damage them—like the sun—and at the same time, it is calming to think that there is a facial that can repair them.

Dr. Ronald Moy
Dr. Ronald Moy

So when we heard about the DNA facial created by Dr. Moy earlier this year that claims to do just that, we had some questions. He sat down with to give us the skinny on his new facial and why it has celebrities waiting in line for the treatment.

CWL: What kind of damage can this facial reverse?  Can it get rid of scars? dark spots?  wrinkles?  

Dr. Moy: This facial targets the signs of sun damage and aging so; uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and texture. We target the skin with our Regeneration Serum after oxygenating the skin with the GENEO machine to allow the Growth Factor derived from Icelandic barley to deeply penetrate to smooth and thicken the skin, and then apply either our Eye Renewal, Intensive Renewal or Night Renewal creams to introduce DNA Repair Enzymes to the skin to reverse damage done by UV radiation, pollutants or aging.  

CWL: Your facial claims to increase the natural DNA repair process. What does that mean?  

Dr. Moy: We’re supplementing the skin’s natural supply of DNA Repair Enzymes with our own that are derived from plankton and algae. The skin’s natural repair is to protect against sun damage and aging, so our natural supply gets depleted over time and with increased sun exposure (it’s also why your skin shows sun damage sometimes decades after incurring it–the DNA repair process has slowed so your skin can no longer keep it at bay).

dna-restoring-maskCWL: How many times would one have to get this facial to see the effects of the damage repair?

Dr. Moy: We’ve seen massive improvement in our patients from 3-5 treatments so if you say, get this treatment ten times consecutively, you will definitely see a marked improvement in skin texture, thickness and glow and a probable reduction in your wrinkles. Even after one facial, people remark that they get comments on their skin improvement for days. One of our clients who works in skincare herself recently told us her friends told her her skin looked like porcelain after her first treatment.

CWL: Is it only certain wrinkles/spots/scars?  Or is it for those things no matter where they appear on the face and neck?

A facial, no matter how great it is, can only do so much. For deeper wrinkles and total resurfacing I typically recommend patients to do a laser treatment in conjunction with facials for optimal results. Our facial can target more surface concerns rather than deeper skin issues, for instance we had a patient with melasma come in for the facial and the hyper pigmentation associated with it was nearly gone after 5 treatments.

CWL:  How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Dr. Moy: We have two versions one 60 minute and one 80 minute treatment.  The 60 minute costs $275

CWL:  How many times a week/month do you recommend people get it?

Dr. Moy: Since this facial is a gentle oxygenating treatment instead of one that leaves you red and raw, we have clients getting them every week for fastest results. Though once a month would be enough to sustain the skin’s health.

CWL:. Are there any celebrities that do it that you could allow me to publish in the article?
Dr. Moy: Yes, but we can’t divulge celebrity names