Do you like your coffee shaken, or stirred?

Perhaps that’s not a question you have had to think about.  Coffee drinkers usually have a strict method to their coffee drinking madness and it could go any number of ways—Colombian, dripped with a splash of cream, a ristretto shot with half a scoop of ice cream, or perhaps a regular ol’ latte from your local Starbucks.

Americans have a new caffeinated option—Sparkling, cold coffee called Moka Instinct available at Koffie Topia.

Sparkling coffee as a beverage is a staple in Calabria Italy, where locals have been drinking shots of it since the 1950s. “It’s actually become a trend throughout Italy now,” says Kevin Crespel, the founder of Koffie Topia.  “It turns down the tone of the coffee, cuts the bitterness and gives it a refreshing aftertaste.  It cleanses the palette.”

moka-instinctThe drink has no dairy, and only 22 grams of sugar—which is brown sugar only in case you were wondering. The coffee is made from a secret blend of coffee made up of roasts from five different countries; Nicaragua, Jamaica, Venezuela Costa Rica and Ethiopa. “Those are the most renowned plantations in the world,” says Crespel. “The plantations are sustainable, they pay workers fairly and produce the best quality.”

For the calorie conscious there is a low carb version on its way. “It’s in the works,” says Crespel. “It’s actually ready, we just haven’t brought it over yet, so it’ll be here sooner than you know it.”

So how do you drink this new concoction? “You can drink it whenever you want,” says Crespel. “You would have it cold. It makes a really delicious ice cream float. I would pick vanilla bean ice cream, maybe a scoop and then pour the cold Moka Instinct on top.”

Here’s a dessert that won’t make you jittery.   “This is not an energy drink,” Crespel says. “It doesn’t have that much caffeine or any artificial stimulants actually. It’s basically sparkling water, brown sugar and all natural coffee, its all natural, its designed to taste good, not to alter your physical state.”

A new type of coffee shouldn’t come as a surprise.  “Over 2/3rd of the population of the US are consuming coffee based drinks on a daily basis,” Crespel says. “Once you try this product you will understand. It’s something really special.”

The fastest way to get your hands on is to visit the Socal storefront for Universal Seafood (their other thriving business). The Koffie Topia online store also launches in mid May. It won’t be long though, before you can pick up a bottle of Moka Instinct off the shelf at the supermarket.