We have an obesity crisis in America and fast food lies at the center of it.

What do you do if you’re out around town and want to feed your kids (and yourself) something quick and healthy? We’ll give you a moment to think about that…

Ray-Allen-is-Bringing-Healthy-Organic-Fast-Food-to-Miami-2Still can’t think of anything? Well this is the dilemma NBA-Legend Ray Allen and his wife the host of Pre-Game Meal with Shannon Allen were faced with. There’s more… Their nine-year-old son, Walker, has Type-1 Diabetes.

“I had an aha moment where I realized I couldn’t sit around helpless waiting for someone else to create a fast-food option that met our family’s dietary needs, and as we did our research it became obvious that this wasn’t a struggle unique to us, families everywhere are looking for convenience without compromise” said Shannon Allen whose search for healthier options fueled the idea to open up Grown a fast food restaurant that serves nutritional, organic and locally sourced food for a reasonable price.

The 1,900 square foot space and its menu were designed with love as the concept was born out of love for young Walker who like many other children in the nation are constantly confronted with unhealthy food options.

Sharon worked with Todd Kiley of Rainforest Cafe to create a diverse menu with soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps, gluten-free baked goods, cold-pressed juices, fruit smoothies and coffee. Some of the ingredients are sourced from Grown’s very own rooftop garden where local farmers grow vegetables, greens and herbs.

“People want to be healthier, eat cleaner and feel better about what they’re putting in their bodies” said Ray Allen. Count us in, Ray! We can wait to try your gluten free organic blueberry pancakes!

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