Mercedes Benz is Good for My Health! Really… I Mean That

“Mercedes Benz believes every car should have a soul.”  Nick Martin.

Mercedes-AMG Assistant Product Manager, opened with this statement when introducing the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S and the Mercedes-Maybach to a group of lifestyle journalists at Cecconi’s restaurant recently in Los Angeles. As he described the features of these two ultra high end vehicles, it became apparent that the Maybach was very much focused on the health of the driver and passenger in more than just the conventional crash-safety ways that we may think of.

Discussing the feel-better benefits of the Maybach might seem frustrating. For starters, it’s an un-affordable car for most of us. Having said that, it may help to note, that Mercedes unveils it’s luxury features first on it’s S-Class models and then has those features trickle down to all their vehicles… yes I said ‘all,’ including the more affordable C-class that starts at an MSRP of $ 38,950 (For example you can fret not, the C-class is also available with a driver’s seat massager, heated seats and steering wheel).


The 2016 Mercedes Maybach is the newest iteration of the S-class.  It is typically designed for those who hire drivers and use the backseat of their car as their second office.  So it would make sense that the space be conscious of calming your senses.  In that vain, here are some things you may not know about how the car will improve your health and wellness:

Massage – yes please!

I sat in the driver’s seat of a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GT

All four seats in the Maybach have inbuilt massagers. You might be thinking, ‘a driver can’t afford to have a massage while on the road, they’ll fall asleep!’ But the makers of the Maybach have created an invigorating ten minute  (it’s timed so you can’t overdo it) massage designed to wake up a sleepy driver.

Blinded by the light… or not actually.

The lighting on the inside of the vehicle is scientifically designed to provide ambience as well as the correct amount of pupil dilation for a driver faced with lights from oncoming traffic.  You may not need all seven colors that you have to choose from for internal lighting, but whichever one you do end up choosing, will protect you from being blinded by oncoming headlights even for a second. Your pupils just won’t dilate that much.

Your car needs sunglasses too you know.

They call it ‘magic sky control.’  But it’s effectively turning your moonroof into a giant pair of polarized glasses. How is that for protection from the sun?

The air you breathe matters

The car’s ‘AIR-BALANCE package,’ as it’s referred to, gives you a choice of five fragrances that can permeate the car.  Beyond enhancing the mood of the driver and the passengers, the scents are diffused with ionization to assist with the alertness of the driver. Add also to this, the charcoal purifier, that ensures the air is cleansed before it enters the inside of the vehicle.