Most women can say they’ve slept with their makeup on at least once. Whether you had a long night out on the town, or it’s just pure laziness, leaving your makeup on overnight can cause real damage to the skin. A survey of 1,500 conducted in the UK found one in four women sleep in their make up regularly. In this study particular study it was found that many women didn’t want their partner to catch them bare faced or it was simply a bad habit of not keeping up with good skin care.

It may seem harmless to sleep with makeup on but it can actually cause serious damage to your skin and eyes while ruining your chances of being wrinkle free.

Here are five things that can happen when you sleep with your makeup on:

1. Collagen Production Ceases 

things-that-happen-when-you-sleep-with-makeup-on-2Makeup contributes to free radicals, which are chemicals that cause damage to the skin and harms our skin’s DNA that influences aging. They can come from UV rays, pollution, stress, cigarette smoke, and poor diet. When there are too many free radicals occurring on the skin this puts collagen production on hold. The importance of collagen is that it helps keep the skin together and tight, giving a younger appearance to the skin. Sleep is where collagen is put into gear and starts producing the most. If you’re sleeping with your make up on, that means that the free radicals are on your skin creates conflict when it is trying to create more collagen.

2. More Acne

Some people may instantly see acne appear the next morning after sleeping with make up and for others it can appear over time if you constantly sleep with your makeup on. It will contribute to dryness, clogged pores, and breakouts. The face is full of pores on the skin and it helps the body sweat and produce sebum which is a natural lubricant that helps protect and moisturize the skins which help get rid of dead skin. If you have layers of foundation and anything specifically with petroleum-based products this blocks and interrupts the balance of sebum. Clogged pores created by overnight foundation turn into bacteria and creates the pores to become irritated and inflamed. You can now welcome your unwanted guest known more commonly as blackheads, redness, and acne.

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3. Your Eyes Aren’t Safe Either

things-that-happen-when-you-sleep-with-makeup-on-3If you’re eyes could thank you for removing eyeliner and mascara every night it would. Sleeping with these products on your eye can cause eye irritations and infections, that don’t feel or look pretty. Damage to your lashes can also occur from sleeping in mascara such as brittleness, breakage and loss of lashes. Some find it easier to wake up without having to apply mascara in the morning to save an extra step but it’s definitely worth the time if you no longer will have quality lashes to apply mascara. So make sure you remove this completely before falling asleep.

4. Harm from Dyes & Perfumes

Most makeup contain dyes and perfumes like phthalates, carbon black, and synthetic musk. Yeah, they make your products smell good and create a more pleasant shade but the tradeoff isn’t worth it. Another contribution to skin damage are from chemicals in makeup. If you aren’t good at keeping up with washing your face at night at least make sure you’re staying away from make up higher in chemicals and toxins. Mineral makeup is usually the best substitute since most are generally free of toxic. Do some research on which products contain the least amount of ingredients the better.

5. Wrinkles

The way you treat your skin and how you take care of it plays a big role in how your skin forms wrinkles. When there’s excess residue on your skin from makeup this causes the cells to drag it along when it turns over and then creates premature aging. Other factors can contribute to wrinkles but it is better safe to keep up with a good skincare regime. In order to give skin some extra TLC, go barefaced for at least a day or more if possible. Keep a pack of makeup wipes by your bed stand if you’re known to be a serial makeup sleeper. Don’t simply rely on these only because nothing will keep your skin healthier than a real face wash.