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Kittitas County, Washington Home Improvement Projects
Kittitas County, Washington Contractors
Home Improvement projects in Kittitas County, Washington
Innovative Roofing In Kittitas County, Washington

While it is true that a roof is a very basic part of a home or other building, it does not have to be boring to be functional. Roofers in have access to the best and most innovative roofing materials and techniques available today.

Form And Function — A Beautiful Roof

Roofing material comes in all kinds of colors and materials that can make your home more attractive and increase its’ value. Some types of roofing can even enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Ceramic Tile — Ceramic tile come in all kinds of shapes and colors. If you want your house to be noticed, install ceramic tile for an amazing look. Ceramic tile is a wonderful insulation material.
  • Metal Roofing — Metal roofing comes in many colors — and many price ranges. One of the greatest advantages of metal roofing is that it lasts for a very long time when it is properly cared for. Of course, the longevity of your metal roof depends partially on what material you have chosen. Aluminum is lightweight and popular, Copper is much heavier and a lot more expensive. Of course steel roofs and stainless steel roofs are wonderful options — it all depends on how much you want to invest in your roof.
  • Natural Slate Roofing — Natural slate roofing is long lasting, durable, and fireproof. It comes in many shades that will complement homes from rustic cottage construction to majestic mansions. Slate installation has come a long way since the days of Shakespeare, so be sure to take a look at what your roofer has to offer. Natural slate is a great choice for buildings that are on historic registries, as it is usually acceptable by their standards.
  • Composite Roofing — Composite roofing is amazing stuff. It comes in different price ranges, colors, and shapes. It is fire resistant and is quickly becoming very popular in . Ask your roofer about various options for composite roofing; you may be surprised by the dramatic difference in your home’s appearance.
  • Solar Roofing Tiles — Solar tiles can be discreetly added to your existing roof in order to capture solar energy to offset the cost of your home’s electricity consumption. The amount of energy you can generate will depend on the shape and size of your roof. Odds are good though, that if your home spends any time in the sun, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

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