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Chelan County, Washington Home Improvement Projects
Chelan County, Washington Contractors
Home Improvement projects in Chelan County, Washington
Hiring An Interior Decorator For Your Chelan County, Washington Home

If you think that an interior decorator is all throw pillows, silk sofas and delicate fabrics you do not dare even breathe near, think again. A good interior decorator is one who will take the space that is there and bring it to life to account for the use, the personality of the occupants and the flow of the traffic in and out of it.

The best interior decorators do not decorate around life, they decorate to incorporate it. To find the best interior decorator ask the following initial questions:

  • How do you decorate with children and pets in mind?
  • I prefer to use as many eco-friendly fibers and items in my home as possible—can you accommodate this?
  • I do not like fussy items and hate the color puce—does that change anything?

Good interior decorating takes the room to a whole new level of beauty and elegance, without losing its livability and function. In fact, a really good decorator will incorporate function into the design especially in the rooms that will be used the most (think family room, living room, play room, and so on).

Design elements that incorporate form with function:

  • Chests that can be storage, seating or table as the need dictates.
  • Items that serve more than a single purpose.
  • Carts that can hold a lamp or other items and be moved easily from spot to spot.

Finding the right interior decorator is the key to getting the look you would like to have. That starts with finding several to compare with one another. After all, one interior decorators’ idea of beauty could be what wakes you up screaming at night. Before signing a contract with a decorator, ask the following questions:

  • What is your educational background? (Make sure that the decorator graduated from a respected school and not Dee Dee’s House of Design.)
  • What is your level of experience? (Are you comfortable with being the first to hire a decorator?)
  • What is your ideal decorating situation? (Gives you an idea of their vision, personality and enthusiasm)

Once you have found the right interior decorator, it is time to start working together on the plans for the room. Set a concrete budget before you even get started or you might find yourself carried away. Do not get seduced into materials and fabrics that will not hold up to your family’s use and their habits. These items have to stay in your home for at least a few years, so make sure they will endure.

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