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Installing Brick Or Stone Siding In Moore County, Texas

Nothing looks quite as good on a home as beautiful brick or stone siding. Whether you live in a historic home or one of the newer homes here in , brick siding contractors and stone siding contractors are able to give your home a new look or repair existing masonry.

If you are tired of your old siding, chances are good that it can be removed and replaced with brick or stone. Manufacturers have put twenty-first century technology to good use in creating some exciting new options for brick and stone siding. Ask your brick siding contractor to show you your options before you decide.

Types of Brick Siding

Traditionally, brick siding involves layering heavy bricks with thick mortar that keeps them in place and provides aesthetic appeal. Traditional brick siding requires a good underground foundation for support.

  • Brick Veneer Siding – Brick veneer siding is a high quality faux "brickwork" that is indeed real masonry. Brick veneer is much thinner and lighter than old fashioned heavy bricks, and it can be laid right over the top of wood panels. It is held on by metal clips that allow for air circulation. Brick veneer siding is durable and fireproof, and it is a great way to use your home’s exterior to save on energy bills.
  • Brick Façade Siding – Brick façade siding is applied over building paper and held in place by a cement mixture. It is also a good energy saving siding type and looks just like traditional brick siding. Both veneer and façade brick siding come in a variety of colors and patterns that will make your home look wonderful.

Types of Stone Siding

There are many types of stone siding – from natural stone, to manufactured or faux stone siding. Each type of stone siding has its own advantages. If you are considering stone siding, be sure to talk to your stone siding contractor about which type of stone siding will suit your home’s individual needs best.

  • Natural Stone Siding – Natural stone siding is beautiful, fireproof, and durable. It is heavy and expensive though; so be sure that your home’s structure can handle the weight.
  • Manufactured Stone Siding – Manufactured stone siding is available in many colors, and in different price ranges. Cultured stone is a beautiful and durable type of manufactured stone siding, but it is heavy. If you love the look of stone, but you want to save money and enjoy the benefits of lightweight siding, faux stone panels may be the best option for you.

No matter what kind of brick or stone siding you decide to put on your home, you will be amazed by the instant facelift it provides. In fact, do not be surprised if your neighbors start to look for the same benefits!

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