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Cabinet Refinishing Contractor: How To Find The Best Refinisher In Dickens County, Texas

You have painted the walls, installed new flooring and bought new appliances for the kitchen but now the cabinets stand out like sore thumbs. You know that installing new ones are going to be out of your price range, but you still would like to do something to update their look and bring them in line with the newly remodeled room. Your next best solution is to hire a cabinet refinisher to give your tired, but still functionally sound cabinets a whole new look.

Hiring any professional can be a very worrisome task- especially if it is likely to be a fairly sizable undertaking. To lessen your worry and possibly save you time and money in the end, consider the following steps when hiring a refinishing professional in Dickens County, Texas:

Before you make the call:

  • Get referrals from trusted professionals or contractors.
  • Know the measurements of your cabinets and drawers as well as how many of each that you have. A good professional will still take his own measurements.
  • Have a general idea of the type of finish that you would like to have.

When speaking to the cabinet refinisher for the first time:

  • Mention where you found their name and number, including who referred them- this helps the contractor by letting them know if their marketing is working or if they get most of their work through word of mouth.
  • Clearly state what you would like to have done.
  • Discuss price estimates as well as time to complete estimates.
  • Set up a time to have the refinisher take a look at the job and take his own measurements.
  • Ask what items should be removed from the kitchen before the job is started.
  • Ask how many people will be assigned to each project or if this is a solo job.
  • Make sure that they are fully licensed and bonded to work in Dickens County, Texas
  • Ask if environmental friendly finishes and techniques are used.
  • Ask about their clean up policy.

Before the job starts:

  • Remove all items that were discussed during the hiring process.
  • Make sure that all cabinets and drawers can be easily accessed and that there is room for the crew to work.
  • Keep movement in the area to a minimum during work hours.

After the job is completed:

  • Make sure that everything is cleaned up as agreed.
  • Make sure that the completed look is as you expected.
  • Make sure that all cabinets are hung correctly and that all drawers open and close without trouble.
  • Pay the contractor the balance.

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