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Building Site Preparation And Junk Removal In Coryell County, Texas

When you buy a home, you know that you will generate trash while you decide what is and is not worthy of staying in the new place. There will be things that are left behind from the previous owners that you may not want. The same is true when you buy a lot that you are going to be building on, even one that has never been developed before. Preparation will be needed for your building site before cleaning can even be done. Hiring a service to do this is faster, safer and easier in the long run than doing it yourself. If you are getting your lot ready for building, hire a service that can:

  • Tear down and clean up any old structures that remain on the site.
  • Remove old junk and debris that are on the lot or are unearthed during the digging of the foundation.
  • Cut down major brush, weeds and small trees that might be in the way of the build.
  • Insure that the traffic paths in and out of the site itself are clear of anything that could damage or destroy a tire.

Think about the things that you found when you were digging up your garden: glass, rocks, old cans and other items that you could not identify. Do not risk your safety or health, by trying to do these things yourself. Hire a professional building site preparation service. There are many items that could be dangerous if not handled properly. Some of the things that could be pulled from the ground include:

  • Bricks, rocks, stones and organic materials.
  • Glass, metals and other sharp items.
  • Batteries, household chemicals and other potentially dangerous items.
  • Miscellaneous materials that could be dangerous.

When hiring a professional building site preparation crew, make sure that you ask:

  • Are they are certified to do business in Coryell County, Texas?
  • What the procedure is for handling known or potential toxic materials found on the site.
  • What they do, to lessen the chances of uncovering such materials in the first place.
  • What safety equipment, rules and standards are in place for all work crew and site visitors?
  • If they are insured, including workers’ compensation and all other insurance that is required by Coryell County, Texas.
  • After they clean the building site up, the crew will have a load of materials that will need to be disposed of. Before hiring the crew, find out exactly what will happen to these items and where the load will go.

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