CrossFit has been popular for some time now but many people seem to have negative opinions about the workout regimen. When it comes to new workouts people should do their research, get opinions from those who have taken a class, or take one themselves before making judgments.

Greg Glassman developed CrossFit several decades ago with the goal to improve overall fitness and health. The workout consists of constantly varied functional movements that reflect the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running, and more. These movements are the core movements in life, which are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest amount of time.

CrossFit workouts are made to do more work in less time with intense amounts of effort, these functional movements at a high intensity lead to dramatic fitness gains.


Strong Community – If you walk into any CrossFit gym you will be extremely impressed by the way they’re all connected as a community. Sometimes this is enough to make people want to join a class and begin their CrossFit fitness journey.

The Atmosphere – CrossFit is known for pushing some of the best athletes in the world and for kicking everyone’s ass! Just when you want to give up or feel like you have no more energy to give they will tell you to keep pushing and step it up. Sometimes that extra push is exactly what these athletes needs, and typically not what you will get working out in the gym by yourself.

Competition – When implemented correctly competition can be extremely helpful and motivating. It can push you to do that extra set you don’t think you have in you by seeing the person next to you pushing their limits. Many CrossFit athletes also create personal goals and compete against their old scores and fitness assessments. This atmosphere has led to a strong community that continues to grow and inspire others to train.



Lack of Personalization – Although CrossFit is extremely inspiring and motivating there is a lack of personalization. The programs aren’t customized for specific individual they are created for a group setting. Training can’t always be one-size fits all program at all times due to size, strength, health problems, etc. Giving the same workout to both advanced athletes and beginners can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.   

Lack of Programming – Programming is extremely important when striving for safe and solid results. All individuals should be addressed on their specific health and fitness needs. Programming educates the athlete on their weaknesses and helps them to correct these areas while enhancing their strength and preventing future injury. Most CrossFit instructors don’t program which can be very dangerous for individuals with past injury, flexibility issues, or bad form.

After discussing the pros, cons, and background of CrossFit you truly won’t know what it is like until you try it for yourself. Every gym, instructor, and program will vary and you might have to try a few gyms out before you find the right fit. Most CrossFit gyms offer a free first class trial where you will learn about what CrossFit is, the main moves you will do in a class, the culture and atmosphere of that gym, and then you will go through a small workout. This can be very helpful when deciding whether or not CrossFit is for you. Visit to find a box near you!