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Home Improvement projects in Mcintosh County, Oklahoma
Interior Lighting Designer: Lighting The Homes In Mcintosh County, Oklahoma One Bright Idea At A Time

Many of us do not think of our lighting schemes, until there is a problem—perhaps the lights have gone out, a bulb is burned out in a fixture that no one can reach, or something is wrong with the whole wiring system.

There are many ways that our lighting and the way that we use it can go wrong—from the switches that can only be accessed by closing a door to the mystery light switch that doesn’t seem to turn on anything, our lights and the design they take can make or break a fabulous room.

Ways that a lighting designer can make a room better:

  • Set the mood of the room with dimming switches and varying light options.
  • Match the light to the function of the room: bright lights for cooking or reading, softer lights for other areas
  • Make sure that the lights are easy to operate, conveniently placed with bulbs that can be changed easily when needed.
  • Provide some flexibility for use if needs change.
  • Include some movable light sources as well as fixed ones.
  • Factor in natural light from windows and skylights whenever possible.
  • Use greener light bulbs and materials.

Ways that a bad light design can make a room worse:

  • Hard to use lighting or poorly placed switches, cords and other items.
  • Bulbs that cannot be easily changed.
  • Fragile, easy-to-blow but hard-to-find bulbs.
  • Lighting that is wrong for the area.

Knowing the general use and mood of the room before getting started is important. Of course, that depends on when and where in the building or remodeling process, the lighting designer is called in. If you are not sure what the room will be used for, it might be difficult to come up with a very functional lighting plan. However, if you are remodeling, you will probably have a fair idea in your head of what the room will be used for and what it will look like once completed.

Other tips to look for when hiring a lighting designer:

  • Work with one who shares your level of eco-awareness for the best results.
  • Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or talked into a design you do not really care for. This is your home, after all.
  • Do not hire someone who cannot provide references or photos of their past work.
  • Do not hire a designer whom you cannot afford. Who cares if they designed the mayor’s lighting scheme—if they are beyond your budget, shop on!

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