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Before the question of cheap, no fault auto insurance can be answered, there needs to be a definition of just what no fault insurance is. Basically it means a policy that requires any and all car owners involved in an accident to have appropriate insurance for their own protection. It also means there are limitations when it comes to lawsuits. With no fault laws in place, the car insurance company will pay for damages up to the limit of the policy, no matter who was actually the cause. The other drivers involved would be covered by their own personal insurance policies. Ideally, this means that every driver would be covered by his or her own insurance policy with no need for any lawsuits to be filed.

Unfortunately, such an ideal state is difficult to achieve. No state has a system that works so neatly. In fact, every state with no fault laws also carries the traditional liability system where a driver is liable for any damages he or she might cause. Every driver should know what the state laws regarding car insurance are before signing up for a no fault insurance policy.

There are a great many benefits to no fault insurance in Thomas County, NE. For instance, in the event of an accident that causes bodily injury, everyone involved will have medical coverage. It also means lower legal and administrative costs during the claim process, which translates to lower premiums for the policy holder.

In the actual car insurance policy, the no fault clause is generally labeled personal injury protection, or PIP, which has its own subheads or options, like optional basic economic loss, or OBEL.  Each state has its own PIP packages, but most of them provide such things as medical fees, loss of wages, compensation for loss of services, funeral costs, and death benefits.

The exact details of PIP are different depending upon state. For instance, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and the District of Columbia makes PIP an option rather than a legal requirement. They can choose between the no fault system or the liability system. This is a good system for some drivers, because no state can truly be absolutely no fault. There is always some liability that drivers may be accountable for.

Critics of no fault insurance are quick to note just how expensive no fault insurance is. Those living in a no fault state would be well-advised to search for the best deals, and the best place to search for those deals is probably the Internet. One of the purposes of  no fault insurance is to reduce car insurance premiums by reducing litigation in the event of an accident, even as it expedites any medical cost payments. The aforementioned critics will point out, however, that this will let reckless drivers who should be deemed at fault get away without suffering any blame.

There are indeed accidents that are no fault. With so many cars on the road, accidents are just inevitable. A no fault insurance system protects drivers who find themselves in an accident that was simply unavoidable.

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