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Lauderdale County, Mississippi Home Improvement Projects
Lauderdale County, Mississippi Contractors
Home Improvement projects in Lauderdale County, Mississippi
Cabinet Refacing And Refinishing: Bringing Cabinets Back To Life In Lauderdale County, Mississippi

There are times when you do not need to completely remodel your kitchen to give it a fresh look. To be honest, there are times when you cannot afford to do it, either. The best alternative option is then to try cabinet refacing to refresh and renew the look while maintaining its current function level. By not removing the bases of the cabinets, the time it takes to complete the process is much shorter.

Although the cabinet refacing or refinishing process will take a shorter amount of time and will save you money in the bargain, it should be noted that you still have to take great care to insure that you find the best person for the job. They are both similar and services offered by the same type of contractor, however there are some differences to keep in mind as well.

Cabinet Refacing will:

  • Entail complete removal of the doors and moldings of all cabinets as well as the front or face of each drawer.
  • Leave the basic layout of the kitchen cabinets completely intact an untouched.
  • Leave you with cabinets that look brand new.

Cabinet Refinishing will:

  • Entail removing, sanding down and then refinishing the cabinets, drawers and moldings as well as the bases.
  • Leave the basic layout of the kitchen and cabinets untouched.
  • Give your kitchen a whole new look in less time and with less cost.

There are some drawbacks to choosing refinishing or refacing your cabinets, however and you should weigh the options very carefully. Sometimes people will put too much hope in what they think might accomplish. Neither cabinet refacing nor refinishing will:

  • Give you more room in your cabinets or extra cabinet space.
  • Be able to save crumbling or sagging cabinets.
  • Be more than a cosmetic fix to the cabinets themselves

Because they do not change the layout or structure of the bases, these cosmetic services are only good for those cabinets that are in good structural repair and only need some updating or refreshing.

Why choose a professional cabinet refinisher for the project?

  • Some of the best finishes that are available have to be put on specific ways with special equipment. This is of course a job for someone who is professionally trained to do it.
  • A professional can handle the job far faster and more efficiently than you yourself could.
  • A professional job will add instant value to your home.

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