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Idaho Pest Control, Fumigation And Extermination Projects
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Pest Control, Fumigation And Extermination projects in Idaho
Pest Control, Fumigation, And Extermination In Idaho

As much as you might not like to admit it, there are unseen inhabitants dwelling in your home. Everything from rodents, to ants – and even real home destroyers like termites – can take up residence right alongside you and your unsuspecting family. Luckily, pest control services are easy to find in . Here are some common pests and signs to look for, if you think it might be time to call in the exterminator.


Termites can cause an incredible amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Termites need moisture to survive, and they have to burrow to get it. So one of the best things you can watch for is mud tubes. You will be able to see these easily – they are brown, and are about the same diameter as a pen or pencil. Termites usually build these on exterior walls, in basements and crawl spaces, and on support beams. If you see termite tubes, you have a serious problem, so call an exterminator right away.

Also, watch for any darkened, rotted, or blistery looking wood. Termites love rotted wood, so if you have a problem with rot, repair it right away.


Nobody wants to share a home with rats or mice. Some sure signs that you have an infestation include visible fecal matter on surfaces where food is left, or in places that these pests use to go from one place to another.

If you see signs of rats or mice, be assured that you are only scratching the surface. Regular use of pest control services will help you to make sure that you don’t hear anything going bump in the night, and will ensure that you stay free from the diseases that they carry.


Ants are very easy to spot, and can be almost impossible to get rid of, especially in . Different kinds of ants have different requirements, and some are more dangerous than others.

Most ants will bite, and some, such as fire ants, can cause very painful burning welts where they have bitten.

If you see any ants, be sure to evict them right away – they reproduce quickly and will take over your home if left to their own devices.


Wasps are nasty and can be dangerous. You will often hear buzzing in the walls if you have a real problem, and you should conduct regular visual inspections to be sure that wasps and bees have not started a swarm or hive in or around your home.

Yellow jackets are some of the worst and most aggressive wasps around. They can live in the walls of your home - they also build nests under eaves and in crawl spaces or attics.

Be careful if you come across yellow jackets or other wasps. Yellow jackets have barbed stingers, and they can and do sting several times in a row. They will attack if agitated, and such an attack can mean a trip to the hospital. Be sure to get professional help from an experienced exterminator rather than attempting to remove these pests on your own.

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