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Installing Wood Or Composite Roofing In Lincoln County, Idaho

Roofing contractors in offer wood and composite roofing material to suit your building’s needs. Whether you are building from the ground up, replacing your roof, or just doing some repairs, you can find the right roofer for the job.

When wood and composite roofing materials are part of your building’s design, you want to get the best quality available. Cost is always a consideration, so be sure to find out what your roofing contractor has to offer. These are some of the best looking options and also tend to be cost effective.

Wood Roofing Material

Wood roofing material is a beautiful, time honored way to give your home a finished appearance. It comes in some different forms.

  • Shingles — Wooden shingles are sawed from blocks of wood, and have a smooth finished appearance. When selecting shingles, be sure to get high quality shingles that will resist decay. Cedar and treated yellow pine are two types of wood that are commonly crafted into shingles.
  • Shakes — Shakes are split from wood blocks rather than sawed. They usually have a tapered, rough appearance which is charming and attractive. The same rot-resisting woods that are used for shingles are used in manufacturing shakes.

Drawbacks Of Using Wooden Roofing Material

Wooden roofing material can be treated with fire retardant, however, there is a higher risk of fire when using wooden roofing material than with any other roofing material. Cost of insurance is a consideration.

Although it is attractive and can last for up to twenty five years, wood is not the most ecologically sound roofing option available. If you like how wood looks, there are synthetics and composites that will give a wonderful appearance with less chance of a problem.

Composite Roofing Material

Composite roofing is made of synthetic material, and is available in finishes that look just like wood shingles, shakes, slate, and other popular forms of roofing material.

Composite roofing is durable and long lasting, and is becoming increasingly popular. They are manufactured to be fire resistant, and some types are even impregnated with a special additive to inhibit moss and mold growth.

No matter what kind of look you want your home to have, you can probably find it in a composite roofing material. Be sure to talk to your composite roofing contractor about how to make composite roofing material work for you.

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