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Caribou County, Idaho Home Improvement Projects
Caribou County, Idaho Contractors
Home Improvement projects in Caribou County, Idaho
Landscaping Designers: Making Your Yard Part Of Your Caribou County, Idaho Home

Your home is your castle, but that does not mean you should let your yard become a moat. Or worse, a barren desert filled with dead or dying plants. A good landscaping designer can bring your yard back to life with plants, shrubs, trees and flowers, as well as well planned walkways, lighting details and other touches that could very well make your back yard one of your favorite “rooms” in your home.

Finding the right landscaping designer can take some time and patience, especially if you live in a larger area with many to choose from. However, even if you only have a limited selection, choose carefully. The right landscaping designer for your Caribou County, Idaho home is one who:

  • Shows up at the agreed-upon time.
  • Listens to what you would like to see in your yard and offers suggestions that build upon that vision or that complement it.
  • Offers, reasonable, realistic tips and solutions that you can afford.
  • Works with native plants that will thrive in Caribou County, Idaho.
  • Understands soil PH, drainage and other issues.
  • Plans to use other details to tie the entire design together.
  • Takes some of his design ideas from the home itself.
  • Includes features for the kids or the pets whenever possible and appropriate.

With many people trying to go as green as possible, it is important that the landscape designer keeps this in mind when coming up with the design concept for your yard. Some green tips that your landscaper should follow:

  • Un-dyed, organic mulch.
  • Native, non-endangered plant specimens from local sources.
  • Solar lighting.
  • On-demand watering rather than timed, automatic watering.
  • Shrubs and plants that block wind from the home to reduce heating costs.
  • Soil holding trees to reduce erosion.

Landscaping designs can be as intricate as winding paths and thousands of plants that create a lush area full of natural energy. Or, they can be as simply as a few trees and shrubs bordering a patio area. The design that your yard takes, must be in keeping with your home, your personality and your lifestyle. If you are not out in the yard very often, then having a very ornate landscape design would be a waste of time and energy for both you and the landscape designer.

If you have to pay someone twice as much to care for the yard as you do to care for the house, your landscaping may be out of control.

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