Every decade is another milestone and with each milestone comes a lot of expectation.

We know that old habits die hard but which habits are just too ridiculous to carry with you into your thirties?

1. Quit Eating Fast Food

Things-Men-Shouldn’t-Do-After-30-3If you can quit this in your twenties even better, but it’s best for you and your health to get rid of this bad habit. In your younger days this the cheapness and convenience of McDonald’s is irresistible but hopefully by your thirties you’re in a better place financially and should know how to cook a thing or two!

2. Stop Driving Recklessly

A bad traffic record isn’t a good look… A lot of men in their twenties wear speeding tickets like a badge of honor but those tickets could add up to a higher risk premium on your insurance and in some cases a bad driving record can prevent you from getting jobs or partaking in car sharing programs. If you really need to get some road rage out play a little GTA… Which brings us to our next point.

3. Don’t Play Games for Hours

I know we just said to let off some steam with a little GTA… But you’re 30 now, you have more responsibilities and can’t ignore them because you’re stuck on a mission. Video Games are fun but should be played in moderation. If your objective is to unwind, play some games and have a little fun that’s cool but when you’re just killing 4 or 5 hours then you may want re-evaluate your gaming habits.

4. Make Sure Your Home Doesn’t Look Like a Dorm

Things-Men-Shouldn’t-Do-After-30-2Toss out the craigslist couch and empty beer bottles. Let people know that you’ve moved on from those days. Investing in a nice living space reflects on your character and can show others that you’re ready for 30.

5. Ease Up On the Binge Drinking

In your college years, it’s all about experiencing new things, going on adventures and drinking… a lot. But now you’re in your thirties and those drinking habits can cause irreparable damage to your body.

6. Don’t Be Politically & Socially Clueless

When you were in your twenties it was justifiable to not be bothered by politics. As you get older your social horizons broaden. You’ll be in conversations that may test your knowledge and not having a clue may leave you feeling embarrassed. You should have social and political opinions and you should be able to express those articulately.

Legalizing recreational pot is a political and societal issue but we beg you thirty year olds to not make that your go-to talking point. You won’t always be taken seriously.

7. Stop Dressing Like a Slob

Whether we agree with it or not, first impressions are the strongest. People see what you wear before they find out what you do and how you behave. It’s not about emptying your wallet on high-end clothes, it’s how you present yourself. If someone walking by on the street could ask themselves “homeless or hipster?” then you have a problem.