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Thomas County, Georgia Home Improvement Projects
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Home Improvement projects in Thomas County, Georgia
Stamped Concrete: Hiring A Stamped Concrete Installer In Thomas County, Georgia

To many people if you say the word “concrete” they see gray, driveways and nothing more. They could probably never imagine the beauty that can be found in the right treatment of this versatile material. Stamped concrete can be treated to look like marble, quartz, tile or even wood. It can be given virtually any color that you can think of, and what’s more, it can all be done for a fraction of the cost of the other materials. Hiring a stamped concrete installer could allow you to create the look of:

  • Stone terrazzo for your backyard patio.
  • Italian marble for the kitchen and entryway.
  • Inlaid mosaic tiles for the bathrooms.
  • Granite for the front porch.

Think of it: the neighbors would be calling the IRS on you because they would be convinced that you are hiding income. But, all of these beautiful effects can only be created by a professional stamped concrete installer, one that you have selected very carefully. To begin narrowing down the choices of the right stamped concreted installer in Thomas County, Georgia:

  • Seek out the referrals of professionals in the area. Start with contractors and brick masons. Stamped concrete is fairly specialized so there might only be a few in Thomas County, Georgia and the surrounding areas.
  • Do an internet search, making sure to narrow it by location.
  • Call the stone mason guild in your area for suggestions.

Interviewing any professional that you would like to hire for a job is a very important process, so you should take it very seriously. You are inviting a stranger into your home, trusting them with your belongings and your family’s trust. Do not fear that you are going to offend them in any way, because professionals expect it, and if they are good, will actually welcome your questions. Some of the relevant questions that you should ask are:

  • Are you licensed to contract in Thomas County, Georgia?
  • Do you hold any special certifications?
  • Are you bonded and insured?
  • How many employees do you have and are all in compliance with federal and Thomas County, Georgia employment regulations?
  • Do you have references? Also ask to see photos of prior work.
  • How long will this project take?
  • What is the payment schedule going to be?
  • When will this be completed?
  • How much of the clean-up do you do?

Jot down other questions that you might come up with on your own. You can never be too careful or ask too many questions.

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